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  1. I have a 2003 CRF450r. It does not have alot of hours on it but is has been ridden regularly since new - mostly in the winter season. I have had the valves adjusted a few times and the bike always ran and started perfect. The last 2 desert trips it started to run poorly, became hard to start and now after sitting for a week it won't start and it barely has any compression. Is it time for a rebuild of the valves, top end, both?? I am in East County of San Diego, CA and I was also wondering where is the best place to take the bike for the work? What can I expect to pay for a top end rebuild - piston and valves? I took a previous bike to Precision Concepts in El Cajon and they did OK. Any suggestions?
  2. FordBoy20

    How does a CRF450x do in the dunes

    I am thinking about selling my 03 CRF450r and getting a newer X. I ride in the Glamis and Gordons sand dunes all the time. I also ride at Superstition and Ocotillo Wells. I never ride at MX tracks. How does the X do in the dunes and how is it compared to my R? I love the power and feeling of the R in the dunes? Will I be disappointed with the X?
  3. FordBoy20

    san diego roll call !!

    Hey, Kevin Scott from El Cajon here. I ride a 03 Honda CRF450. Usually ride in the dunes, Octillo Wells, Superstition, Plaster City, Planet Extreme, and El Cajon MX track. I am down to ride anywhere though, just send me an email. Krscott80@aol.com
  4. FordBoy20

    Ocotillo Wells Trip March 13th-15th

    I will be out there this weekend, gonna camp under the 78 down by the blue inn
  5. FordBoy20

    Ocotillo Wells weekend of 3/13

    I am gonna be out there on Friday about 2:00. I am going to camp under the 78 down by the blue inn. Don't know any of you guys but we might run into eachother
  6. FordBoy20

    Family Motocross Park

    just what i saw on socalmotox.com
  7. FordBoy20

    Family Motocross Park

    i have heard that Marty Smith has opened a track called family motocross park somewhere near san diego. Can someone give me info
  8. FordBoy20

    Paddle tire ?

    I have a ten cup on mine and at glamis it works perfect. I rode my buddies with 8 cups and they don't hook up enough. Alot of people say 8 cup cause they never tried a 10