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  1. camarillodan

    Memorial Day Weekend

    What a great weekend in the Hi Desert. Weather was great crowds were low. What did everyone stay home due to High Gas Prices? Thanks to all the guys that volunteered to work the crowd in Randsburg. We had a group of 17 for beer and food at the White House Saloon. We camped up at Spangler. How were the crowds where you were? Hope you all had a safe weekend. CD
  2. camarillodan

    Ventura County Riding Spots Wanted. Please.

    Nope thats pretty much done. I rode the Santa Clara and Calegus river back in the 80s also. Now Ventura County is not quite as "out in the sticks" as is used to be. CD
  3. camarillodan

    Ventura County Riding Spots Wanted. Please.

    I think that is just for Nordhoff. Check with Ojai ranger for more details. CD
  4. camarillodan

    Ventura County Riding Spots Wanted. Please.

    Nice trail in Ojai. Cut and paste following address for information. CD http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/lospadres/recreation/ohv/ord/
  5. camarillodan

    Spangler Hills

    Dust, I have seen some nice spots in the hills off Trona Rd North of the Astronaut. Love that whole area. Went to Jawbone last weekend due to long time family tradition, but out by you is where I like to ride. I will post something next time I am going out there. May be we can take a ride or enjoy some beers. Have enjoyed your pics for some time now. CD
  6. camarillodan

    Ventura County Riding Spots Wanted. Please.

    I am a long time VC rider. Gorman is it nice Mid-Week. For Longer BIG BOY rides gotta Drive. Fill you truck up with gas head out to Jawbone Station buy a map for $2.00 and then you will see what I mean. CD
  7. camarillodan

    Spangler Hills

    Dust, is Football the little Valley east of 395 Just south of Searles and North of Duesenberg? Yes Prospectors is exposed but our group has a vast range of skill and toys. Nice to have a big enough spot to see everyone. Rode most everything from Rigdecrest to the Pinnacles to Randsberg and EP15 over to Dove and Jawbone. Any chance you will part with one of your gem spots? CD
  8. camarillodan

    Spangler Hills

    Spent MLK and Pres at prospector and is was perfect. I just hope everyone stays down south and leaves this area alone. Its to the point I dont want to talk about the area for fear more people will come up there. CD
  9. camarillodan

    SC173 Dove to Jawbone

    N6VMO, Great Bombs!!!! What bottle did you use? How full? Hole size? Will you give up the recipe? CD
  10. camarillodan

    Spangler Hills

    Dust D, How did the crowds look to you? I was at Jawbone looked more crowded than the last two years. 3 years ago it was down right PACKED. Went through Dove and the main canyon was a FREEKIN Joke. Looked like a mall parking lot. Did you ride through the Prospector Camp Area by the Tunnel in Spangler ? Wondering how that looked....Thanksgiving weekend is always fun. CD
  11. camarillodan

    SC173 Dove to Jawbone

    Love this trail. Rode out from Jawbone on SC176 -SC173 to Dove Springs. "Whatta ZOO" Over the 14 out to the Talc mines and back again. The few miles on the 173 was the best! Hope you all had a great holiday! CD
  12. camarillodan

    Spangler Hills

    Spangler is my favorite. Toy Hauler Magazine had a big Party out there last month. I think that exposed alot of new people to this area. CD
  13. camarillodan

    Veterans Day 06' ride report with Pictures.

    Great shots and captions Dust...Thats my favorite area in the whole world. cd
  14. camarillodan

    Jawbone camping

    Outlaw....if you need to ask these questions it is best for you to find veteran to take you to either place for the first time. This is advanced Boon docking at its best. No camp host here...CD
  15. camarillodan

    Best Riding Spot in California?

    That's cool...Been there a couple of times. Last time over Labor day. Jawbone is tradition over Thanksgiving but will be closer to you over New Years or MLK. Just below the big ball, by the Train Tunnel. You gotta make it over for a beer some time. I will watch for your posts. Remember this whole area is a secret and no one should go past Cal City. Thanks for posting the picture. cd