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  1. The success w/ the choke tells me it's lean off the bottom. First things I'd check are the air screw (assuming it has one) and to make sure that the pilot jet is nice and clean.
  2. I fixed my dragging problem with a set of Tusk plates from RM. Cheap and it's worked great for over a year....
  3. Ditto on the main jet size - I run a 165 in my '07 WR and if anything it's a bit rich (3000-5000 ft). Running a '09 YZ needle on the 4th and it runs great.
  4. We knock out 25-30 mile rides on my son's PW80 and I don't think he's ever used more than 1/3 tank or so.
  5. Check the float height also - I had so set our PW80 close to the high side of spec to get it to stop leaking intermittently.
  6. After riding through a really rocky sections (dry washes, etc), I've thought to myself tens of times how valuable the stabilizer was (Scott's). Essential for desert riding in my opinion.
  7. Have you gone through the procedure to set the fuel screw? If so, how many turns out. Any more than 3, you need to go up on the pilot jet. Keep in mind some back fire is normal....
  8. Currently using a Tusk kit in my '07 WR250f - no issues. In fact, it got rid of the dragging issues I had w/ the stock clutch....
  9. This is a new bike to me and the PO said he never adj the valves - I'm hoping that they started at .10 and will stay there for a while! He was obsessive about AF maintenance.....
  10. Intakes: .10 .10 .11 Exh: .18 .18 Would you take the time to reshim since their at the edge of spec? Also, since they're all so consistent, what are the chances that they came from the factory on the tight side, rather than being attributable to wear?
  11. I'm sorting out the jetting my recently acquired 2007 WR250. If gotten it to the point where it's good (maybe even very good and should probably leave it alone...), but hey it can always get a bit better right? Current: Arizona - 3000-5000ft MJ 165 Pilot #45 - Needle - Stock non-adjustable NJRU LJ - #40 Bike has free mods done w/ a PMB exhaust insert. With the larger pilot and LJ I got rid of the part throttle stutter and bog. Seems good wide open as well. I have a stock needle from a '09 yz250f (NHKR). I'm assuming that it would be an improvement over the stock NJRU - if so, what clip position should I start with, with the assumption that stocker is pretty close. ..or should I leave well enough alone?? Thanks!
  12. How come the OP can't just reshim the valves? Other than the one that's waaay loose, they don't seem that far out of spec to suggest that the valves are shot do they?
  13. I believe the correct size is 10x1.25
  14. I had a < 1/8 throttle stumble/stutter that was cured by a larger pilot jet. I was able to figure out it was lean/rich by (slightly) pulling the choke out (make it richer), then the hot start (leaner). The choke made it better... That and a #40 leak jet and it's perfect.
  15. This one seems to get good reviews: