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  1. rgmax

    SM610 - Making it quieter?

    Mine is USA spec, I don't know how this bike passes USA or EURO noise regs. I'm sticking with the factory can in place of the Leo Vince for now. Its quieter at high rpms and I don't fell much (any?) power loss. Large 4 stroke singles are tough to keep quiet. I had a KTM 525EXC and that bike was quieter that my 610SM. I at one point tried a ProCircuit T4 slip-on with quiet core. It was ridiculously loud, so off it came. I ended up staying with the stock can on that bike also.
  2. rgmax

    SM610 - Making it quieter?

    Actually he's not kidding. I had a Leo Vince slip on installed at the dealer when the bike was new. I thought it was a little loud so I decided to try the stock muffler. Guess what? Its at least as loud up to 4-5K rpm as the Leo Vince. Its quieter after that but not by much. I didn't get the impression that the stock can was THAT restrictive. There was not a huge difference going to the Leo Vince, feels like maybe 2-4 hp, only a dyno run could say for sure.
  3. rgmax

    SM610 1st into Neutral issue

    I can only get neutral at a stop by shifting up to 2nd and the carefully tapping down. It still only works half the time.
  4. Sounds like your biggest problem is your dealer. A decent dealer would have taken care of these issues. I have a 06 610SM and have had no problems with it so far after 750 miles. Its build quality is a least as good as the KTM 525EXC I had before, the quality of the plastics, LCD display, headlight, etc. is better. Its pretty smooth for a thumper, 70mph on the freeway is no problem. The only changes I felt I had to make were jetting and a one tooth larger countershaft sprocket.
  5. rgmax

    2006 610 jetting help

    I have a 06 610SM. It was jetted at GP Motorcycles and has a Leo Vince slip-on. It still had an intermittent miss at around 4500 rpm and also surged at steady small throttle openings. After reading this thread I disconnected my TPS last weekend and noticed an immediate improvement. Its much smoother, the surging is gone and and I haven't noticed any 4500 rpm miss. Power seems the same or better. Only a Dyno run could say for sure. Obviously some ignition map changes were happening based on throttle position, on the TE/SM610 it may be aggravated by emission related issues since these bikes also have catalytic converters. Paul at GP mentioned to me that they had cured the miss on another 610SM by using an ignition box from some other Husky model, don't know which one.
  6. rgmax

    Questions and Review on 06' 610 SM

    By 'dead' I guess you mean no lights/no start? If thats the case check the main fuse. This has happened to others, one guy found a shorted wire in his tail light assembly caused by a sharp edge. If its just the instrument cluster try holding down the reset button.
  7. rgmax

    Questions and Review on 06' 610 SM

    My 610Sm is due to arrive friday and the first thing i'm changing is the exhaust. There are two options currently, both from Leo Vinci. A full system about $900 or a slip-on which is about $350. I'm going with the slip-on, which is what Paul ( GP Motorcycles, San Diego ) recommended and had installed on a customer bike. His opinion was the header seems to be a good design. An addtional modification he made was an ignition box off another Husky model to clear up a slight miss at 4500 RPM. His recomendation to me was to try the slip-on and go from there. I know of no other bolt-on performance parts for this motor. Anyone?...... More information can be found at: http://www.sitogroup.com/servlet/page?_pageid=138&_dad=sitop30&_schema=SITOP30 http://www.speedzilla.com/forums//showthread.php?t=9436 http://www.supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?t=8014 http://www.supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?t=5957