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  1. hackbenjamin

    FCR 39 (non-mx) slide bearing help

    OK thanks!
  2. hackbenjamin

    FCR 39 (non-mx) slide bearing help

    thank you for confirming the dimensions! - noob question but what does "623Z" mean?
  3. hackbenjamin

    FCR 39 (non-mx) slide bearing help

    Thanks for the suggestion, wasn't sure if any bearing could be used. It seems to be a 3x10x4mm, local hobby store doesn't have any so might have to order amazon. more waiting sigh ..
  4. hackbenjamin

    FCR 39 (non-mx) slide bearing help

    Hello all, I'm hoping someone can help here - I'm rebuilding my FCR because it was leaking from the bowl vent tube - ordered a JD jet rebuild kit and got everything back together but when I was checking the slide I found one of the wheels wasn't properly turning - turns out the little ball bearing for the wheel is bad so I tried ordering an OEM replacement (13570-29F00) according to the parts diagram. It arrived today ... and much to my dismay the part is the wheel and NOT the bearing ..even though the part is listed as "bearing". I ordered #18 on the parts diagram, which is confusing b/c it clearly is pointing to the wheel but I thought it would include the bearing since the part is listed as "bearing" ... so now I'm 3 weeks into waiting for parts etc and I really just want to get it all back together .... does anyone know anything about the ball bearing or where I can get one for the slide??
  5. hackbenjamin

    Slightly Mislead by JD Jetkit? Just my rant.....

    I recently made a purchase from JD jetting as well - an FCR rebuild kit. I can't say I have had the exact experience as grouper, but I initially ordered the wrong kit (MX, not non-MX). I spoke with them on the phone and they were very nice - sent me the proper kit asap - however when it arrived it was missing 5 parts, which I wasn't too pleased about since I've been waiting on parts while the weather is stellar for riding. Not sure they know how that happened but I spoke with them on the phone again and they sent me the remaining pieces immediately ... though I'm still short 1 piece but haven't figured out which one it is ...I've got all I need so I'm good to go. So aside from the snafu on my part, and the snafu on their part - they were very accommodating with good customer service. If I had to order from JD again I would. Just be sure a] you order the right thing and b] all parts were sent
  6. hackbenjamin

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    good idea thanks!
  7. hackbenjamin

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    yep, it's on the slide - 3 of the wheels have bearings and 1 does not for whatever reason.
  8. hackbenjamin

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    Thanks Hans! I'm almost done - lower end/float bowl is complete and I have some nifty new vent hoses to put on ... but as I was going through the carb I found one of the bearings (13570-29F00) on the throttle valve (thing that slides w/ 4 wheels) was shot! I ordered 2 oem bearings from the schematic - but has anyone ever changed one of these? It's weird only 3 of the wheels have bearings ... the 4th is like an imposter ... literally just a wheel no bearing... why? Anyway, I thought the bearing would just pop off and I could pop a new one on .... but it looks like there's a mini assembly that fits onto the slide that the bearing sits on ... anyone have advice here? I'm afraid to try and hammer the bearing off w/ a punch or something...I haven't gotten the oem bearings yet either but I'm assuming it's just the bearing not the bearing+little thing ... weather is so nice too pics of dirty carb, clean carb, and bearing:
  9. hackbenjamin

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    1. Keihin FCR rebuild kit, slideplate/slideplate gasket (JDjetting). 2. Also some tygon hoses (amazon) to replace the old vents/fuel lines. Carb has been leaking out the bowl overflow for ohhh idk a year ... but recently would only run with the choke on; yep - pilot jet was completely clogged and looks like it needs a new float seat o-ring. Figured while I was taking it apart I'd refresh the slideplate/gasket too. This is my first time taking apart a big boy carb (I've fiddled with my KLX 110 carbs but they're very simple). Also FYI - I have a 2005 DRZ400sm ...but it's got the dirt FCR carb from a 400E (non-MX FCR 39) and didn't realize it until I took the bowl apart, had to send the parts back and am anxiously awaiting the right ones to arrive. She's all cleaned up after some simple green and a toothbrush ... I will post pics when it's all back on together!
  10. hackbenjamin

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Been a while since I've been on here thanks to 2 baby girls! ... no more racing but I try to scoot around town here and there ... here she is, have to service the carb
  11. hackbenjamin

    Newbie needing help. Drz400sm

    Hi Bowman, I still run stock 15/41 and just had a new chain put on a month ago. It was a DID 520 ERV, I don't recall the number of links but can go count them on the chain if you want :-)
  12. hackbenjamin

    tiny oil leak @ oil hose banjo bolt?

    hey guys, just a follow up. I was using the existing washers and that may have been the issue. I ended up breaking the banjo bolt after I tech'd for my races the next day, saw a teeny bit of oil around the banjo so gave it a little snug and the thing came right off. I ordered new parts from TT and installed them w 17 ft lbs according to the manual, not a drip o' oil in sight. btw the washers don't look copper, maybe they have a coating on them? /shrug I ordered OEM so I'm not worried.
  13. hackbenjamin

    New Exhaust

    Noob question here, any advantage of a shorty pipe over a not-so-shorty-pipe? I currently have a full FMF titanium on my 05 400sm. It's fairly loud and pretty long ... was just curious as I sit here procrastinating at work day dreaming of all the cool stuff I can get for the DRZ.
  14. hackbenjamin

    Your job

  15. hackbenjamin

    I got in a wreck at lunch today.

    wow that's crazy glad you are OK! Another reminder to be careful while riding on the street ...it's usually not you that's the issue but everyone else on the road! Not much else you could have done except maybe install some flashy lights and sirens on your bike