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  1. BrookF

    New VIN number system for 05?

    My next goal is getting a plate for a Japanese NSR 250...Take a look at the VIN: MC21-1041034 Yea, that's it 11 digits only...I don't think this one will be possible without a big bribe to CHP or the special construction route but I will try anyway...
  2. BrookF

    New VIN number system for 05?

    I read somewhere that some Harleys have a "C" in that VIN position but since they come from the factory with an "on road" MSO they are allowed to get plates. I was able to get my "02 WR plated (VIN 3), but I had to pull some paperwork trickery. Also I think some of those federal emission stickers have a part number and you can order them from Yamaha. (I'm not sure about the WR, I don't even know where my federal emission label is). Are the new 450's easy to get a CA plate for since they are green sticker? If so, the value of my 426 just dropped....
  3. I bought the bike second hand from a member here, I didn't do the wiring myself (thank god!). I'm not sure if he did the stator rewind or it is still stock, I know it uses a battery and not the capacitor. I will give BD a call and see what they recommend--maybe the battery is bad.
  4. I have a 2002 WR 426 with the Baja Designs lighting kit. The problem is the turn signals stop blinking at low RPM's. (For example when I'm stopped at a red light) They start again when I accelerate and the motors' RPM's increase. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions other than to keep the rev's up? Thanks...