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  1. eightarches

    Tire balls

    Any one using tire balls. Thinking of trying out on my new Polaris general. No need to carry spare tire, air, or plug kit.
  2. eightarches

    2014 500exc Tank Over Heat

    Ordered some lava shield 0.025. We'll see how it works.
  3. eightarches

    2014 500exc Tank Over Heat

    No 2" vent valve I'm aware of. Just one of those swivel vent hoses with built in check valve.
  4. Looking to protect tank from engine heat. Anyone with any slick fixes? Issue: Was on a long uphill full of switchbacks that was so steep I had to walk the bike around the corners with lots of low speed idling. After some time I noticed the tank was swelling up like a ballon. Pulled my vent hose check valve and relieved the built up pressure. Tank deflated and back to normal. It was an extereme ride. Thinking of putting some heat shielding on the under belly of the tank. 2014 500 exc w/ 3 gallon acrebis.
  5. eightarches

    Yxz1000 trailer size

    Cool, thanks
  6. eightarches

    Yxz1000 trailer size

    Anyone know outside dimensions of yxz1000. Wondering if it will fit into cyclone 10' garage. If not, what size garage do I need?
  7. eightarches

    Plate damage from jumping

    Baja designs makes a nice tail light.[http://www]
  8. eightarches

    2014 EXC Choke Knob

    Anyone have a good mod to access the Choke. Luckily mine will start without it in warm weather. Hoping someone has developed a better way to access the Choke knob.
  9. Getting 57 mpg riding around death valley. Use odometer to track miles on tank. Mostly fire roads and mellow riding. No smog, tps at .68 VDC, stock pipe, BDSB grunt, fmf snap, samco hoses, samco thermostat bypass kit, & radiator overflow bottle. Real quiet bike. Power is good. 13/52 sprockets.
  10. Acerbis 3.0 gallons. 2014 500 exc. Fits good. 150 miles and lo fuel lite comes on. Think I could get 170 miles to empty depending on how I ride. Using fuel dock from Australia made for acerbis.
  11. eightarches

    Thoughts on mounting a Tool bag

    Chase Harper rear fender bag, moose number plate bag, and tusk front fender bag. All bolted on.
  12. eightarches

    Thoughts on mounting a Tool bag

    I drill holes and bolt using fender washers. Carry full set of tools. Rear fender bag, number plate bag, and front fender bag.
  13. eightarches

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    2014 exc 500
  14. eightarches

    YZ250X Overflow Bottle

    Does the yz250x have an overflow bottle for the radiator?
  15. eightarches

    120/100-80 Maxxis Dessert It for 14' 500EXC

    Used motion pro wheel lock. The desert it is directional. Also has blue and pink stripes on knobbies. I thought those indicated street legal. Not sure? Not worried about it, 90% I'm off road anyway.