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  1. Don't got no fancy edumacation, but what I do no's is that when I blows something up with one block C-4 it don't make as LOUD or as DEEP a boom as whens I throws 1000 lbs ats it. As the fuel/air combusts it creates a shock wave we "hear". With a larger explosion, the resultant wave is larger and lower frequency. Compare the crack of a .22 rifle to a shotgun (or 155 Paladin). As far as the compression, if you compress the gases more (higher compression) it is going to take less time for the total to combust. I don't know if that would be noticable audibly in intensity or loudness. Undoubtedly the expansion chamber assists in muffling the sound produced in a 2-stroke. Now if I could just get fast enough not to have to follow my 4 stroke buddies.... It's late and I gots to get to bed...