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  1. MarkCh

    Supermoto In Conn/Mass

    http://www.supermotard-usa.com/ is the North East and Mid Atlantic supermoto race organization.
  2. MarkCh

    KTM SM demo day in MI!

    So tempting. I'm 11-12 hours away on the east coast of MD, but it would be so fun to combine riding my own bike there for $30 and test ride the SMRs. I'm on the fence for now...Have to consider cost of 2 nights hotel, gas and driving time etc., but seems it may well be well worth it to see how different in handling the SMRs are to my 04' 450SX based SM. On the fence.
  3. MarkCh

    Motorex oil (lost faith)

    I take this as your misfortune with the transmission? Just trying to figure out what happened, if it was caused by a lubrication problem, and not a part or poor assembly defect, then perhaps the oil was contaminated? In the US, the SX crankcase vent hose is open to the atmosphere I suspect it is this way in Oz? If it is, did you have a filter on the end of the crank case vent hose? I suspect sand/dirt could theoretically enter the engine and contaminate the oil, some use filters on the end of the hose (UNI brand #123.…I suspect #122 should fit better). I prefer Motorex 10w-50 as it seems the best choice since KTM recommends it. BTW; I have the same bike as you (04’ 450SX). MarkCh
  4. MarkCh

    Are 520 engines usually noisy?

    Me too, just wondering the same thing. Got about 3 hours on an 04' 450SX and just did the firsat service and adjusted the valves along with fresh oil (10w-50 Mottorex)/filters. It has gotton louder from the clutch area, but it does quite down when I pull in the clutch. Isn't there some nut in the there (clutch?) that can loosen up and cause a lot of noise as it rubs against the cases? jeb? MarkCh
  5. MarkCh

    New to SM - Need bike advice.

    Maybe your dealer means the 625SMC? (not a 'Racing Four Stroke', but an LC4 which is also street legal). I was reading the Winter 05' issue of SuperMoto Magazine which stated that the 05' has the stiffer frame (know it has a stiffer swing arm that's cast aluminum), while I read elsewhere that the 05' frame was softer to suite the stiffer swing arm etc. I'm getting old. so me memory is probably failing The radial mount caliper is how the bolts for the caliper go into the fork leg. From the side are normal while from the rear of the fork are radial. See pics of radial mount calipers here: So I'm guessing that with the radial mount caliper setup, one would have to mount the same size brake disc (oversized) of the SMR onto a 21" front wheel to use the same caliper. MarkCh
  6. MarkCh

    New to SM - Need bike advice.

    No RFS (Racing Four Strioke) SMC for 05'. The RFS SMC were only created for the American (and ?) market and are actually SX models (SX suspension, 4-spd., etc.) with added SM parts (Beringer front caliper, 17" wheels, Dunlop slicks, SM front fender) and include all the SX dirt parts (SX fr. caliper, 21"/19" wheels tires sprocket etc.). I suspect the KTM importer added the SM parts and renamed the SX to SMC (SX is still on the air box cover, so the RFS SMC is not a factory model, but an importer model). The 05' SMR have a radial mount front brake caliper AFAIK, so I don't know what one would do for a dirt front caliper with 21" front wheel. The 04' have the stiffer frame from what I understand. I belive, but could well be mistaken, that for 05' the SMR got it's own SM duty specific frame and/or steering geometry (?). Hopefully other members know more details. The least expensive, and easiest way would be to find a left over 04' 450SMC. I'm guessing (but will find out soon) that having only a 4sp would be enough for a kart track (SMR has the 6sp). MarkLC
  7. MarkCh

    Does Brembo make a 13mm RADIAL master cylinder?

    I was mistaken when I wrote "...KTM recommended...". I believed that the supermoto package kit offered at www.ktm-parts.com (which includes the 16mm Brembo master cylinder and Beringer caliper) was a KTM package kit. So I bought the 16mm master cylinder based on the contents of that kit (my bike, 04' 450SMC, came with the Beringer caliper/disc). However, I later found that according to the 04' KTM Hard equipment catalog, Page 88 showing the Supermoto kit (Beringer Caliper and matching disc), it states "...can be used with standard brake hose and standard hand brake cylinder." MarkCh
  8. MarkCh

    im shattered

    How many hours on the 450SX?
  9. MarkCh

    Does Brembo make a 13mm RADIAL master cylinder?

    I'm a bit late coming into this discussion... Here's the Magura 195 series 13mm MC: http://www.motostrano-store.com/ma195ramacy.html I bought the KTM recommended 16mm Brembo Radial MC to go along with the KTM/Beringer 4 piston caliper, and the lever feels a bit too hard for my preference. I'm guessing that the Beringer caliper (and possibly other SM calipers) has a low volume fluid capacity, as the pistons in it are short (to make the caliper slim and not hit the spokes of the close-to-fork leg wheel spacing and placement of the brake disc). MarkCh
  10. MarkCh

    Front Brake line twisting

    Thanks RAD
  11. MarkCh

    Front Brake line twisting

    I have a 04’ 450SMC (SX with some added SM parts) which came with the 4 piston Beringer caliper (shown below) attached to the stock SX master cylinder. I bought the KTM HardParts Brembo 16mm radial master cylinder (shown below) so I‘ll have two complete sealed front brake assemblies (SX caliper with SX master cylinder & Beringer 4 piston caliper with Brembo radial master cylinder). I need an additional front brake line and asked the dealer to provide one that would work when I ordered the Brembo radial master cylinder, but they did not send me one. I then discovered that the stock KTM SX version won‘t fit. The Brembo radial master cylinder has the brake line’s banjo bolt mounting from below (barely visible in pic above) , while the SX caliper has it from the side, horizontal. This requires the line to be twisted 90 degrees which puts tension on the banjo-to-line mount. Apparently the 05’ SMR front brake line is aligned correctly, but at 1175mm long may be too short for the taller suspension of the SX suspended SMC (SX brake hose length is 1235mm according to the KTM‘s parts catalog). And worse, my KTM dealer informed me that KTM USA is out of stock of the 05’ SMR line. So I’ll have to go aftermarket and I’m considering the Moose line, but don’t know much about the end fittings and how they are positioned. http://www.mooseoffroad.com Spiegler lines come with a patented ‘torsion’ fitting, allowing the banjo end to spin on the line, thus preventing lines from being twisted. http://www.spieglerusa.com/ Sounds good but I’m not sure how long it would take to get a custom line made (I need it within a week to prep for race practice) or the cost. I wonder if the Moose line has a similar setup allowing the end to be turned without putting twisting tension on the line? Anyone have experience with the Moose line and how it works in regard to twisting? Anyone order a custom Spiegler line? How long did it take and the cost? Any other suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks, MarkLC
  12. Thanks for the replies. I lucked out with a local retailer willing to take them in exchange even though I told them I mail ordered them (helped that I bought $240 worth of protective gear from them at the same time). I ended up getting size 14 Quadrants as even size 13 was still a bit tight. These are chunky boots, hope the break-in won't take all summer. I also tried on Fox Tracker (they only had size 12, which fit close to the Thor's 13) which I liked better (less chunky). Thanks, MarkCh
  13. I Just recieved a new pair of Thor Quadrant boots. I normally wear about a size 11.5-12, so ordered the size 12 expecting they would be be big enough to wear with thick socks. Unfortunately they are too tight, too tight even with thin socks. I called Thor USA to ask about the sizing and the woman on the phone was not very helpful with answers, but did tell me that the Thor Quadrant boot runs a 1/2 size small (I wished they put this info on their web site before I had placed my order from Oregon ). Unfortunately, there is no size 12.5, so I'll need to go up to a size 13 (I've never worn a size 13, ever) or choose another brand (I'm a loyal Thor customer and still have a pair of Thor boots I bought back in 1998, but need modern MX boots now). Anyone here who wears normal shoes size 11.5-12, buy a size 13 Thor Quadrant? If so, how do they fit? Thanks MarkCh
  14. MarkCh

    WR450F 2-trac ?

  15. MarkCh

    WR450F 2-trac ?

    Anyone know if/when Yamaha USA will import the WR450F 2-trac? Thanks, MarkCh Edited: I just saw a French site which list the price at: 12,195 Euros, the normal WR450F is 8,224. Nearly a 50% increase in price. With a US MSRP of $6,399 for the WR450F, adding about 50% (as in France) I'd assume that the 2 trac would cost near $10,000 in the US.