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  1. tmtex

    CRF 230 issue

    A friend of my son asked if I could fix his dirt bike (230). He said he had it stuck in mud/water up to the seat. So he brought it over and I rode it and came to the conclusion the clutch is gone. Basically, you go into 2nd-3rd gear, it will barely move. Took clutch apart and yes it was gone, shot, really bad. All the cork or whatever on the disk were gone plus everyting was totally black. I has some issues changning the clutch mainly because , I never did one on a CRF230. So I change the clutch and the bike does the same thing. It will start right up, sounds good but when you go it barely moves. Any ideas ?
  2. tmtex

    CRF 230 - Clutch

    This is the INNER side of the clutch cover. As you can see that's the plunger thing that goes in when clutch lever is squeezed. This is when cover is on. You can twist that(where clutch cable attaches to) with you hand. Very little resistance that's only from the spring
  3. tmtex

    CRF 230 - Clutch

    OMG nevermind, yes I know what I am doing. Trust me. I am not a Honda person, never have, never will be. No I am not a "pro" but my kids raced MX for 10yrs and worked on Cobra's, to KTM 65, YZ 85,KLX110's, YZ250F, KX250F, NO HONDA. just asking one simple question. Yes good point I will take a pic. Its a simple stupid thing that I am missing.
  4. tmtex

    CRF 230 - Clutch

    Or is anyone has a service manual, let me call you as I have a few questions. I am fixing this for a kid and their parents have no money
  5. tmtex

    CRF 230 - Clutch

    So I am replacing the clutch and and am putting the side case back on. When I hook up the cable and squeeze the lever, its all play. What am I doing wrong.
  6. tmtex

    New 13 RMZ250 Questions

    Yes after I posted that, I new I would be flamed to search. My appologies
  7. tmtex

    New 13 RMZ250 Questions

    Son bought a new 13 RMZ250 Best things to look for ? Known issues Best oil ? Anything else would be greatly appreciated
  8. tmtex

    Anyone only ride/own pitbikes?

    I would say 2006-2009 We had 4 110's, 1-50. during that time my kids were on 85's and below racing MX. 2008 older son moved up to a 250F(brand new), That bike cost me and my kids my marriage. It costs so much to repair. During the yr or 2 all the mini's were sold now we have only 1 KLX110. In North Texas the mini scene died yrs ago. I use it as a pit bike now and really as a "pit bike"
  9. tmtex

    08->09 Swing arm

    Anyone know if the 08 swing arm is the same as a 09?
  10. tmtex

    Going to replace crank. What all do i need?

    I am about to do the same thing. Crank bearings. Since its open get the Oil filters that are inside. Gaskets. I was told you or we dont need the full kit, just the base and head gasket.
  11. Yep thats me(JMT). And your right they dont.
  12. Ah the oil screens. thanks
  13. Just had the Head done by mxtime, going to change the crank out(70+hrs) so am i forgetting anything ? Crank, gasket kit Timing chain piston kit ??
  14. tmtex

    Quick advice needed on 08 KX250F's

    We had/have a 08 that was a lemon after 100 hrs. 3 times it blew up. Yes All proper maintaince was performed. I dont want to talk about it.