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  1. wupddu

    new still crated 1987 husky auto

    I had an '86 version of that bike. Great woods bike. You had to love maintenance. I got my internal spring set up from Dave Bertram who was running one of these in national enduros at the time. I think I calculated that I put $1.50 in maintenance for every mile I road the thing.
  2. wupddu

    2004 CRF450 Dies after 5 mins. Riding

    Well folks, after having the local shop go through the entire electrical system, it turned out that it was the Trailtech flywheel. They have two different flywheels, one with low strength magnets for no lights or lighting coil and one with high strength magnets to run lights with a rewound stator. Apparently the high strength magnets can really screw with your ignition, apparently so. Anyway Trailtech will either swap my flywheel or I can have my stator rewound for lights, so happy trails again!!!
  3. wupddu

    Piece of [@#$%&*!] Honda 2004 450

    Have you made any mods to your bike? TrailTech Flywheel? I have an 04 CRF450R in the shop right now with a run for 5 mins. or so, once warm a steady 1/2 throttle and the thing starts backfiring and dies. Has left me stranded now several times now. The entire ignition has been gone thru and it is now down to the main harness or the throttle position sensor on the carb. This is the most unreliable motorcycle I have ever owned!! Good luck!
  4. wupddu

    2004 CRF450 Dies after 5 mins. Riding

    Tried the gas vent, same result. Replaced the ICM, same result. The bike starts fine, once warmed up if you hold the throttle steady at about 1/2 throttle it starts backfiring and dies. Kick it over, starts right back up. Tried dropping the main from 165 to 162, same result. Tried dropping the needle to no. 3 position instead of no. 4, same result. The pulse generator is putting out the right voltage, the stator is putting out 70 volts, spec. is 50 - 100 volts. I went back into the top end yesterday and inspected everything, nothing out of place. I did notice that my cam chain adjuster seems to be all the way out. Would a worn cam chain cause this?? How do I tell if it is worn?? I am about to take this thing back to the dealer for repair then she goes on the block. UGH!!!!
  5. wupddu

    2004 CRF450 Dies after 5 mins. Riding

    Unscrewed cap when it died no difference. Check fuel flow it is normal, as well as inlet area in the carb.
  6. I have an 04 CRF 450 that keeps dying after about 5 mins. riding time, It starts to cut out, like it is running rich. Stop the bike and restart and it runs for a minute or so and stops. Restart and it will only run a minute or so. The Microsoft motorcycle I guess. Checked carb, 165 main, 42 pilot, stock needle, stock position, checked float position, changed float valve. When the bike starts to act up I have pulled the choke no change, tried pulling the hot start, no change. Went through ignition checks per manual, stator and pulse generator measure out perfect. Replace the coil the last time out, not plug cap yet. Bike has a trailtech 13 oz flywheel, changed to stock no change. I am now down to the ICM and plug cap. Has anyone else had ICM issues on an 04??
  7. wupddu

    Lacing new wheels

    On the front hub and wheel your spokes should be equal length. Lay your hub on the workbench, lay rim down, feed spokes thru hub, rotate them slightly to home position and they will line up with a spoke hole in the rim. I usually start with two spokes a twelve, then six, then three and finally nine oclock position. Flip the rim over and do the same on the opposite side, then fill in the missing positions. You will need some kind of truing stand or some guys use their swingarm to true the wheel. Tighten the spokes equally again at 12, 6, 9 and 3 oclock positions on both sides to maintain equal spacing of the rim. Then it is just a back and forth adjustment to get the runout and side to side runout. My first rim took me the better part of a day to complete. On the rear hub you will notice there are inner and outer spokes. I dont know about Buchannon, but with stock and Excel you have different length spokes in the rear. Inner spokes are longer, outers are shorter. You will have to experiment, but I think the outer went in first then the opposing inner. Again the spoke position will fall into a home position and align with a spoke hole in the rim. Then follow the same procedure as above. Hope this helps.
  8. wupddu

    my 05 is driving me nuts

    Any air leaks in the exhaust system will cause the same symptom you mention. Make sure the copper gasket at the cylinder is still in good shape and use copper high temp silicone sealant at all joints in the system and wait 24 hrs. for it to cure properly. My son's 05 did the same thing, we set the mixture a little richer and resealed the exhaust system, no more popping.
  9. wupddu

    04 CRF450R Frame Guards

    Does anyone know who makes the frame guards shown on the CRFs in IMSs new ads with all the offroad goodies on the bikes? I would love to get a set of those to keep from tearing up my frame in the mud. WUPDDU