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  1. fourstrokin250

    Any idea what clutch this is? 02 KTM 65SX

    It sure does. Thanks, I emailed Garry to ask.
  2. This is installed in an 02 KTM 65SX I just picked up. The bike isn't currently running while I sort a stator issue, but I noticed a non-standard looking clutch when I pulled off the slave cylinder and dug further. Some sort of automatic I assume? But I dont see Rekluse making one for the older models. Maybe it's a discontinued model since the bike is over 15 years old now? Any insight would be cool since I would like to find the technical details about it if I can.
  3. fourstrokin250

    02 KTM 65SX Stator Upgrade/Conversion?

    I picked up am 02 65SX that a kid was trying to power lights with and long story short, it needs a stator/rotor. I see trhey changed them in 03 and these Selectra type stators/rotors are harder to come by. I found one online new for $220 at regulatorrectifier.com. Anyone know if it's possible to swap to the later model style? Looks like the connector has more pins and they are the wound 4 pole type. Any info one way or the other would be helpful. Thanks. Update: I see that the difference is in the type of electronics, CDI is built into the coil on the older selectra setup and the timing is somehow programmed in. The later styles are more what I'm used to working with, stator with a built in pickup coil to sense flywheel position. Mine came with a later style stator and flywheel and it appears the flywheel fits the crank and the three holes on the stator plate do line up with the case. I may buy the later style coil/cdi and harness and see if it will work. It's way cheaper.... Still if anyone knows if it is doable mechanically, chime in.

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    If you want to adapt the popular FCR 39 MX carburetor to your DRZ400S or DRZ400SM you have a few options and they typically involve finding and earlier FCR MX with a removable intake bell or buying a NEW kit. These are expensive options. I have fabricated a smooth and durable aluminum adapter that can be used on the later model non-removable bell style FCR MX carburetors. These carbs are commonly found on the later model carbureted YZ450F, for example. These can usually be picked up a bit cheaper and are newer models (I used an 08, but this will fit the other years as well). The adapter simply needs to be installed on the carburetor with a little rtv sealant and then aligned and locked down with the set screws. You will need an "E" model carb to cylinder intake boot (about $25) and proper jetting. I can provide that info. This should fit other size FCR MX carbs (I have recently confirmed it works with the FCR40MX found on Hondas, if someone gives me the 41 dimensions, I can check that as well). Here are my dimensions so you can confirm. Diameter that slips over your intake bell on the FCR - 56mm, diameter that slides into your airbox boot - 57mm, air flow through-bore diameter - 44mm. A lot of the info I have gathered is from the DRZ group here on Thumpertalk and my own measurements. I have no problem guiding you on the conversion if you need any additional info. I'll include instructions and jetting info with the adapter. Free shipping in lower 48.


  5. fourstrokin250

    Your XR400 front End for a CR125R USD Conversion Front End?

    Shoot, I sold the entire bike as a roller the other day. Thanks for trying!
  6. I have an XR250R that I'd love to slap an XR400R front end on. I have a 1997 CR125r complete front end that I'd trade for it. Fork seals are good. Includes, triples, forks, brake, wheel, axle. I'd need the same from your 400. Straight trade, we each pay shipping. All balls sells the conversion bearings you'd need to just bolt it up (about $50). PM me if interested. Thx
  7. fourstrokin250

    1986 XR250R On Original Tires!

    Yup! I plan to do the resto. Will be easy on this one
  8. fourstrokin250

    1986 XR250R On Original Tires!

    I know, right? It was an irrigation bike, so probably from something they were wearing, or maybe something it was transported up against? Other side of frame has almost all of it's paint. Pegs still have their paint on them! I've combed over the tires and they definitely appear to be the original IRC's
  9. fourstrokin250

    1986 XR250R On Original Tires!

    Picked this up on Friday for $350. Still on original tires!! Obviously needs a few cosmetics, but in typical XR fashion, it runs good!
  10. fourstrokin250

    Back on a 600R!

    Some China eBay special. looks like maybe a clone of a Kawasaki klx450r or similar. Was only $21. https://www.ebay.com/itm/252553698961
  11. fourstrokin250

    Back on a 600R!

    Yes, took some sanding and carb cleaner to get the white paint off it...
  12. fourstrokin250

    Back on a 600R!

    Well, I gave up on salvaging the old plastics. Got them as clean as I could with the sandblaster and then decided, screw it, I'll grab new stuff. Check out the before and after
  13. fourstrokin250

    Back on a 600R!

    One thing I love about XR's is they are hard to kill. Luckily, so far it looks like it's only got a bad rear wheel bearing on the mechanical side. Other than poor cosmetic decisions, the bike seems to run good And no, luckily they steered clear of painting frame, wheels or motor stuff. I have a sandblaster at work and just did a test run on the red side panel. Gonna work well in conjunction with some carb cleaner. I think the fenders will clean up even easier. The honda factory purple on the side plate is impressive. It holds up to the sand blaster after the red stuff flies away. I think if everyone could apply paint top plastic as well as the factory stuff, this wouldn't be so bad. So far I've never seen a good rattle can job on plastic and don't expect to.... That headlight is going bye bye either way. I have a "wall of shame" for bad engineering decisions by us and our customers at work that I'll hang it on, lol. Pics will show up as I go
  14. fourstrokin250

    Back on a 600R!

    This is just so awesome, it deserves a close up......
  15. fourstrokin250

    Back on a 600R!

    I'd love those seats too! They were at the place where I bought the bike. There is something special about folks who think spray paint on dirt bike plastic is ever gonna come out right. The truck liner is a whole nother special categoryof person They will be sorted out soon!