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  1. fourstrokin600

    What you did to your XR today?

    I changed her hair color a little.... When I got it, the PO had given me the original fenders and they are in great shape, much better than the used white stuff he put on. I have a set of XR400R forks coming from someone in that group so I can modernize the non-cartridge forks. Added wide pegs, a Uni filter, a missing pusher throttle cable, and changed the oil. About ready to ride!
  2. fourstrokin600

    XR400R Forks Wanted

    Hi fellow XR-ers. I am looking for a set of 400 forks for my 600. Please PM me if you have anything. Admin delete or move if this is not an ok place to post this.
  3. fourstrokin600

    Back on a 600!

    I always come back. Still the best of the XRs Picked up an 89 tgat doesn’t appear to have ridden much.
  4. fourstrokin600

    2001/1987 Yamasaki YDX200

    It is ready to rock! And it does.... Added a kickstand, replaced the fork oil, changed the wheel bearings, made a trick little case saver, and set the sag. Took it out yesterday for the maiden voyage. I am a four stroke guy and this thing is fun! It's so light and the YZ suspension is way nice. Spent some time dialing in suspension and positioning things. When I went to adjust the shifter angle later on, the shift lever clamp snapped so that was the end of my day, but it was awesome. I need to relearn how to dial in two stroke jetting, but it runs pretty well as is (may even just be a float height thing). I fixed the shifter in 10 minutes with my welder when I got back. I will likely add a tail light and run a street plate since it's super easy here in MT (you just sign a statement that it's street legal, and the law enforcement are very mellow and reasonable about equipment, head, tail and brake light plus a mirror is good enough). I may experiment with a later model aftermarket KDX pipe at some point. But for now, I am happy that all the work paid off. Oh, and I'm still only into it for about $680 after selling off some YZ and KDX stuff For this late in December, we should be under a bit of snow right now. It is abnormally "warm" and more like October conditions so I took advantage of the opportunity before old man winter realizes he missed us! Merry Christmas fellow TT-ers!
  5. fourstrokin600

    2001/1987 Yamasaki YDX200

    Just about there. Dinking with small stuff now. Need to wire headlight, change front wheel bearings, add kickstand and fork oil.
  6. Anyone know what Pipestone and Raidersburg are currently like? With how warm it's been I'm wondering if it's worth trying a ride..
  7. fourstrokin600

    2001/1987 Yamasaki YDX200

    More progress. Used a later style carb boot to turn the carb more towards the airbox boot. It's all buttoned up with the filter now. Rear brake is working and new chain is on. largest remaining tasks are that I need to pop in new front wheel bearings, the headlight and add a kickstand. It's rideable right now though, wheelies on the non-icy parts of the street
  8. fourstrokin600

    2001/1987 Yamasaki YDX200

    Nope. This project has been a new fabrication at every step... The swing arm bolt is supposed to go through the back of the aluminum case just like most modern bikes, but I could not machine it narrow enough and far enough forward to work, so I made that steel spacer and machined off some of the aluminum case, then bolted that in. I read a similar build someone did with a KX frame that fit better since they were able to modify the swing arm width instead. The case mod, the pipe mod and the frame mod for the pipe exit were the most labor intensive parts of the project. Hardest parts are over now
  9. fourstrokin600

    2001/1987 Yamasaki YDX200

    A bit more progress. I need to fully mount the plastic, but the TTR gas tank shrouds cleaned it up a bit. Waiting on a KTM style headlight, a different carb intake manifold and misc stuff like the air filter, wheel bearings and chain. I rode it in semi sketchy form down the street the other day. Should be a blast. I used to be a big XR guy so this thing feels like a feather!
  10. fourstrokin600

    2001/1987 Yamasaki YDX200

    Figured I'd start a thread on my hybrid build. 2001 YZ125 roller with an 87 KDX200 motor (air cooled power valve year with a flywheel weight). I had to do a bit of work to get the motor to fit between the swingarm (sounds like a KX swingarm has more room, but the YZ was cheap and available, and I love welding). Also had to cut the frame where the exhaust comes out of the head. Used the KDX frame guard hoops to make a unique looking pass through for the pipe (ignore my ugly temporary paint, I'll tear it all down and repaint it all later). The motor fit well into the YZ cradle otherwise. The pipe was the most labor intensive mod. Since it's not a lowboy design, it required some rerouting . To remove it, the shock and subframe have to be removed but that's easy enough and hopefully infrequent. I am waiting on parts for the next round including a 90's KDX carb mount to angle it towards the YZ airbox boot. Plastics are on the way and a couple misc YZ parts to repair some worn stuff. I grabbed a 2.1 gallon tank from a TTR230 that gives me enough clearance for the pipe (the YZ tank went way lower on that side because of the lower pipe design). I'll grab some factory TTR side covers for the tank later which will fill that gap at the seat junction a little more. So far I'm about $700 into the build between buying the two bikes, fixing the KDX motor (piston kit), buying misc parts and selling off a few things. I'll post more pics as it moves along.
  11. fourstrokin600

    Any idea what clutch this is? 02 KTM 65SX

    It sure does. Thanks, I emailed Garry to ask.
  12. This is installed in an 02 KTM 65SX I just picked up. The bike isn't currently running while I sort a stator issue, but I noticed a non-standard looking clutch when I pulled off the slave cylinder and dug further. Some sort of automatic I assume? But I dont see Rekluse making one for the older models. Maybe it's a discontinued model since the bike is over 15 years old now? Any insight would be cool since I would like to find the technical details about it if I can.
  13. fourstrokin600

    02 KTM 65SX Stator Upgrade/Conversion?

    I picked up am 02 65SX that a kid was trying to power lights with and long story short, it needs a stator/rotor. I see trhey changed them in 03 and these Selectra type stators/rotors are harder to come by. I found one online new for $220 at regulatorrectifier.com. Anyone know if it's possible to swap to the later model style? Looks like the connector has more pins and they are the wound 4 pole type. Any info one way or the other would be helpful. Thanks. Update: I see that the difference is in the type of electronics, CDI is built into the coil on the older selectra setup and the timing is somehow programmed in. The later styles are more what I'm used to working with, stator with a built in pickup coil to sense flywheel position. Mine came with a later style stator and flywheel and it appears the flywheel fits the crank and the three holes on the stator plate do line up with the case. I may buy the later style coil/cdi and harness and see if it will work. It's way cheaper.... Still if anyone knows if it is doable mechanically, chime in.

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    If you want to adapt the popular FCR 39 MX carburetor to your DRZ400S or DRZ400SM you have a few options and they typically involve finding and earlier FCR MX with a removable intake bell or buying a NEW kit. These are expensive options. I have fabricated a smooth and durable aluminum adapter that can be used on the later model non-removable bell style FCR MX carburetors. These carbs are commonly found on the later model carbureted YZ450F, for example. These can usually be picked up a bit cheaper and are newer models (I used an 08, but this will fit the other years as well). The adapter simply needs to be installed on the carburetor with a little rtv sealant and then aligned and locked down with the set screws. You will need an "E" model carb to cylinder intake boot (about $25) and proper jetting. I can provide that info. This should fit other size FCR MX carbs (I have recently confirmed it works with the FCR40MX found on Hondas, if someone gives me the 41 dimensions, I can check that as well). Here are my dimensions so you can confirm. Diameter that slips over your intake bell on the FCR - 56mm, diameter that slides into your airbox boot - 57mm, air flow through-bore diameter - 44mm. A lot of the info I have gathered is from the DRZ group here on Thumpertalk and my own measurements. I have no problem guiding you on the conversion if you need any additional info. I'll include instructions and jetting info with the adapter. Free shipping in lower 48.


    Bozeman - US

  15. fourstrokin600

    Your XR400 front End for a CR125R USD Conversion Front End?

    Shoot, I sold the entire bike as a roller the other day. Thanks for trying!