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  1. Anybody with another code, I will pass it as soon as I get one. PM me. Thanks
  2. Anyone with another RockyMountain code, I will pass mine on after my order.Thanks
  3. CTinCT, what color illusion and $?
  4. How, where can I get intouch with HWY?
  5. I was removing the wheels from a rhino I purchased a while back, the rear spacers are billet but the front are plastic? and the the studs for the lug nuts just keep spinning. Is there any thing I can do to get the nuts off to remove the wheel? I tried using an 18v cordless impact. Cut the stud? Thanks for the help.
  6. Does anybody know who has this chest protector in stock.
  7. My friend has a headlight and taillight/fender, I want to put it on my 2007 300xc and make it operational what else do I need, and any instructions would help. Thanks
  8. Thank you
  9. Why can't I find a Bridgestone 402 110/100-18 online anywhere?
  10. thanks
  11. I'm adding a fly wheel weight, I have the fly wheel nut off, how do I pull the stock weight off without a puller? (or do I NEED TO BUY ONE)
  12. Yes just a typo, relax.
  13. I have had the bike for one month(its really for my wife)It never ran great(usual bog at bottom ect) so I rejetted and adjusted the fuel screw according to my area---40,145 2 turns out. The bike will not start when cold it will never start with the choke out, the ony way it seems to want to start(after kicking for twenty-five minutes) is with the hot start pulled in, and when it does fire it runs for a few seconds then shuts off. Also there seems to be alot more fuel coming out of the vent tubes than there should be. Once the bike is running it does great. Help me please.
  14. Has anybody put (trimmed to fit) 05-06 shroud graphics on an 04, I'm creative enough but wandered if it is possible to make them look good?