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    Any news on bigger tanks ?

    Hall's Husqvarna has received their first protype IMS oversize tank. We mounted it up and it seems to fit and look great. We should be getting a good supply of tanks within the next 2 weeks. I do have one problem though. Our computer system just took a crash this week and I lost my list of names that were wanting to purchase the oversize tank. I hope to retrieve all the info, but it is not looking good. Please email us at halls@famvid.com with your name and contact information if you are wanting one of these oversize tanks. Sorry about the inconvenience.
  2. huskyracer

    TE450/250 Headlight

    Some of the TE250/450s came with the battery wire in the wrong slot of the harness you are plugging the headlight into. You can remove the wire and relocate it in the right slot. It is kind of a pain, but it can be done. After you do that the light will only come on when running.