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  1. ctune80

    Yamaha Dirt Days from the 70's

    Did you work for one of the St Louis Area dealers Dave? I went to Donelsons a couple of years ago and talked to some of the staff about it. They mentioned that all of the area dealers manned and staffed the event.
  2. Feel good story of the year! Congrats to you and your dad, hope you get lot's of enjoyment from the finished project!
  3. ctune80

    1984 Yamaha TT600

    When you get them put up some pics! The TT was a good bike for it's time, and should be a fun bike for most of the riding you want to do today. I have a 86 XT600 and it's great. As for your original questions, your mileage may vary but my XT gets close to 50mpg on the road, off road and flogging it will no doubt be less, but it will be better that many highly tuned bikes. My XT is geared very high, and will do 90+ but TT gearing will have you lower than that. I also have a TT 600 Project in need of some parts, might be interested in some of your spares! I want to do a SuperMoto with mine!
  4. ctune80

    things people do to old bikes

    It's all Yamaha, well except for the ahem "Cosmetic Treatment"! 1975 YZ first year Monoshock
  5. ctune80

    1989 XT600 mods

    I have a 86, the biggest difference I have made that could really be felt, was uncorking the exhaust. I have a Cobra pipe on mine, bought it new when I got the bike in 92. I don't know if it still availible. Not a high dollar exhaust but it works well, downside it's a bit loud! Might try to adapt a better late model pipe that is quieter and lighter. (Someday!) I just keep my YDIS carb clean, and jetted it for the pipe, used the TT600 secondary jet. I did open up the intake to the airbox a little. It won't be a race bike without major mods but the few things I did made it more Peppy! Keep us posted what you do! Merry Xmas!
  6. ctune80

    1987 Yamaha YZM500 at Farleigh Castle VMXDN

    I was there at Dilla too! Mainly by the Gravity Cavity but I slogged through the mud to other areas too. Got any pics from that day? I have a few, not many. PM me! I can hear the chants of "The other side sucks!" now!
  7. ctune80

    1987 Yamaha YZM500 at Farleigh Castle VMXDN

    Here is a pic of Jacky Vimond's YZM at the USGP in Hollister Ca, 1988. I think it is Lundqvist's YZM #4 behind Jacky's. He finished one positon ahead of Broc on a "Air Hammer" YZ490, Broc threatened to win overall, but a Haybale in the middle of the track and a bad start in one Moto thwarted him.
  8. ctune80

    improving dt250 monoshock suspension

    You will run into trouble with increased rear suspension travel on the DT. It is due to the distance between the Countershaft centerline and the Swingarm pivot. This causes the chain tension to vary greatly between fully extended to fully compressed. If you make it right at one point it is too loose at another point, causing problems keeping the chain on sprockets. Shortly after the DT all bikes had their sprocket closer to the swingarm to handle the increased suspension travel. Chain tensioners don't really work for the amount of slack we are talking here. The YZ and IT shocks are about 3-4 inches longer than the DT shock.
  9. ctune80

    Trying to find a rear wheel for an '86 TT600

    Though I have never done it, I would think an 80's drum brake 250/465/490 YZ or IT wheel would work as long as you got all of the hardware. Do you have access to one of these to do a trial fit? The TT600 wheel will be more rare, and possibly more expensive due to the scarcity. Good Luck!
  10. ctune80

    Yamaha Dirt Days from the 70's

    I went to the Dirt Days event near St Louis, since I was young all I could think about was riding and snagging brochures! If I could go back slightly older I would have gone to the demonstrations by Karsmakers and Hart on MX, and Mick Andrews on trials. They could never get away with doing that today, I was 13 and you would wait in line like at the Carnival and get to ride a lap or two on the bikes. Very mild MX, a trials course with a Log or railroad tie. Can't believe they turned a kid loose on new TY250! Lawyers would cringe today, but I remember it fondly. Just wish I would have got a few pics, or remembrances like a shirt or decal.
  11. Does anyone remember the Yamaha Dirt Days event from either 1974 or 75? Truckloads of all of the DT,IT,MX and TY models brought to local fairgrounds for test rides in improvised riding areas?
  12. ctune80

    Vintage Pics!

    We do one or two rides per year in So Cal, mainly Yamaha Enduros, but really anythings fine! They are lots of fun!
  13. ctune80

    40th Anniversary of On Any Sunday

    Someone mentioned that the link to the story at Cycle World didn't work This one should, sorry! http://www.cycleworld.com/2011/12/01/on-any-sunday-40th-anniversary/
  14. Don't know if a more universal movie for motorcyclists exists, who hasn't seen AOS? Here is an On Any Sunday 40th anniversary online story, Great little tale and some real nice pics. Malcolm and Mert still get it done! http://www.cycleworld.com/2011/12/01/on-any-sunday-40th-anniversary/
  15. ctune80

    things people do to old bikes

    They do this to them too! I am in the process of saving this one!