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  1. I just went riding in Baja this past weekend. Went through the Tecate border and the checked my Registration paper and that was it. The guy actually matched the numbers to my bike as well!
  2. x2 can somebody maybe post pics of your setups and also can you post a link to this battery? Thanks!
  3. Yep I agree a 6th gear would be nice..My last bike was an 08 KTM 530 and I loved the transmission on it. First through fourth gear was tight like an MX bike, and fifth through sixth was spread out. With stock gearing that bike would do over 100mph easily.
  4. Yep its stock gearing and thats all I can get out of it. I emailed Destry so hopefully he responds. Thanks for the reply back
  5. Thanks, guess I missed that thread on the gearing. So it sounds like 14/48 is the way to go. You are running stock gearing and hitting 93mph? I just did a Mexico run this weekend and it seemed like I could only hit 75mph or so with stock gear. And the engine was at the rev limiter pretty much. I think i might email Destry and see if he can help out with some info about the KLX engine. Thanks for the reply
  6. Anybody "built" their engines up yet? I do offroad desert type racing where high speeds are pretty common. it seems like the KLX motor has a lot of bottom and mid range grunt, but signs off on the top end. I'm looking at maybe doing some head work, cam, and maybe high comp piston. Just wondering if anybody has experimented yet with doing something similar. Also I'm using stock gearing right now, and I need to get more top end speed out of this bike. Any gearing suggestions? I need to get in the 90-95 mph range on occasion. Thanks for any replies
  7. I was there for 10 days back in june. They have a new owner for the bar/restaurant and are doing a lot of construction. Should be nice when its done.
  8. Do it Robert! Lets team up next year
  9. Anybody run one or have any ideas of how to run one? I do long distance offroad racing such as racing SCORE and BITD and I'm looking for some kind of oil cooler. I know Scott Dunlevy makes one for the CRFX but I can't seem to find anything for the KLX. Thanks!
  10. Childress is looking for a Heli.. anybody have one for rent?
  11. LOL.. I think it is..Gonna be another night race. Did you get your bike back yet?
  12. Hey Ron sorry to hear about your troubles down there.. See you at the next D38 race in sept? Darren
  13. Ya lets not educate people who are going down there for the first time.. Delete it:rolleyes:
  14. I heard possibly 1st week of May.. So maybe next week!
  15. Baja Vet?? Good luck Gary.. There isnt alot of money out there right now.