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    Durability of a kawasaki KLR250?

    I bought my 03 klr250 in june of this year, Currently have about 6000 miles on it now. About 25 percent has been off-road (serious off road) .The bike is very reliable , other than tires , and normal maintenance (following the book recommendations and Kaw parts). I have run the snot out of mine and it still performs flawlessly, and always starts easy. Tony in WV.
  2. gauntkilroy

    klr 250 front end alignment

    figured it out, the top triple clamp shifted position, removed the handlebar, loosened the top fork pinch bolts and the top center nut, and it straitened right up. retightened all bolts , every thing looks good, cool. later, Tony in West Virginia.
  3. hello all, I recently had a low speed trail drop on my klr250, picture , slick root 45 degree angle, front wheel slides on the root , down it goes. Result handlebars bent , changed those , front fender and wheel aligned ok , instrument cluster still looks "slightly to the right". This is one of those what is lined up and what isnt deals. Some help and or expertise is needed , btw its a 2003 klr 250. Is instrument cluster alignment needed , looks like it to me , what does the forum think , thanks in advance , Tony in West Virgina. Later.