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  1. doctord23

    Any way to buy a JD needle only?

    The stock needle clip works fine.
  2. doctord23

    Unknown Cylinder Markings

    Thanks. The entire engine on the bike is really clean but the cylinder and head are especially shiny. Doesn't look to have been an off-road machine at least not in the mud. I bought it for dual-sporting the rougher stuff than I like to take my Africa Twin on. The PO only had it a couple of years and treated it as a garage queen. Lots of pieces and parts added that you find in the TT store. Although it runs good, seems like it might be a good idea to pull the head before I take it to Death Valley this spring.
  3. doctord23

    Unknown Cylinder Markings

    I recently picked up a KLX400. It's a solid bike but in giving it a once over, I ran across 75BO stamped into the right side of the cylinder in the spot where Suzuki in normally cast. I assume that this is an aftermarket cylinder but have no clue what it stands for. Cylinder and head are super clean so I assume some work has been done to it. Does BO stand for bored over? Any ideas what that means?
  4. doctord23

    DRZ400S Forks

    Forks are definitely not completely full of fork oil so what you are hearing is normal. Part of tuning the suspension is to set the fluid level. They need an air pocket because If they were full, they would not compress.
  5. doctord23

    2004 kx 125 2 stroke

    Flywheel key?
  6. doctord23

    03 klx300

    I have an FMF Q on mine with the oversize header and it sounds good.
  7. doctord23

    What kind of oil in a 1997 klx 300?

    Same thing that I run in my street bike: Rotella T 15W40
  8. doctord23

    New to me '01 KDX 220

    Funny! I guess the other guys didn't pick up that the thread was from over 5 years ago. Maybe she never made it to the woods!
  9. doctord23

    back in the day

    Sweet. It looks pretty clean for an '83. I still have my '84 KX500 that I bought new. I remember I hated the number plate fender back then and swapped it out. Luckily, I saved the old fender and recently put it back on. Now I think it looks cool!
  10. doctord23

    sources for used 2000 kx125 parts-WANTED

    I have a 99 KX250 parts bike. Don't know which parts might work for you, but you can check Kawasaki.com and see. I am thinking that the carb would be a different size.
  11. doctord23

    Stock Exhaust ID

    No info, so can someone that has a 2011 stock muffler please measure the length and reply? Thanks!
  12. doctord23

    Stock Exhaust ID

    I bought a 2011 KX250F with an aftermarket exhaust and it also came with a couple of extra stock exhaust systems. They both are nearly identical except one has a longer headpipe and longer muffler than the other. I believe they changed in 2011 so I am thinking that the longer stuff is from the 2011 and the shorter stuff is from a 2009 or 2010. Can anyone verify this for me?
  13. doctord23

    WTB 2002 kx250 triple clamps

    I have a set off of a 2002 KX125. The Kawasaki part number is the same for a KX250. I will have to look and see if the bar mounts are on them.
  14. doctord23

    Possible KX250F to KX125 Conversion/Questions

    bskicrash1, we think alike. I thought I'd share my homemade rides: 2002 KX-KDX 220 My Latest Creation: 2001 KX-KDX 200
  15. doctord23

    01 kx125 wont start

    Glad you found it. It's not uncommon for the flywheel bolt to feel tight and then loosen enough to shear the key after a rebuild. Depending on the temperature that you installed it at, clearances can change. It's always a good idea to re-check it with an impact gun after the first ride. Same goes with the crank gear and clutch basket nuts. I learned the flywheel lesson about 10 miles in the hills away from the cabin.