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  1. For what its worth. I race/ride mx and local woods races. I like the 14/51 for all around gearing. I also run the vt2 chain. Good set up IMO.
  2. I would like to say. Its respectable IMO to freshen it up before ya sell it. Lots of folks would just sell it, some would sell it and "say" it was fresh. Nice work.
  3. Im out for awhile with a broken arm, but in 3-5 months Ill join ya ! Ha.
  4. Same hauler, but just updated the truck.
  5. Oklahoma

    Ha, We went last fall and had a blast. No lead poisoning yet so were good.
  6. 0 comments

    Yz 250 2-stroke....What else is there to say ?
    Yz 250 2-stroke....What else is there to say ?
  7. I've bought and sold alot on CL.... that being said, I never, EVER have someone come to my home. Meet in a busy area parking lot ( I like grocery stores ) in person and CASH only. Whether buying or selling that is my requirement. If it feels sketchy though email or phone, I will ask to meet at the local PD, which I have done and been asked to do as well. If they wont meet at either of those two places I delete it and forget about it. I agree with all the pic comments mostly. And would like to add, drag the garden hose out of the way for the pic ! Doesn't really matter I guess just a pet peeve of mine.
  8. Oklahoma

    Complete dune newbs ! lol... thanks !
  9. Oklahoma

    Just regular info, best spots, etc. We have 2 newer 250 2t's that are reliable and fresh. Thanks for the info.Jumps is what we will be looking for I guess, mxer's at heart so not much on trails but could be fun. No camping this time hopefully next trip out bringing the TH and staying a few days.
  10. Oklahoma

    Coming out to okc to see my son @ Tinker AFB....We want to ride some dunes (never had opportunity living in NC). I know very little about such riding. I got some paddle tires and it looks like I need some whips/flags to be legit. Any tips ? Riding on the 16th hopefully. Then some mx on the 17th. Thanks for any advise...
  11. Small clip from the race. Running 2nd place in Vet expert before trying to cut out of trees a little to quick to pass a lapper with only 2 laps to go.. Rider error. Haha... trees do not move
  12. Awesome. I must give credit to your editing skills ! I have so much to learn.
  13. Riding with some buddies @ Brushy mountain motorsports park in NC. Moto guy with moto suspension lol. Fun never the less ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tulFoEW9Dw
  14. Added some backgrounds, hand guards, 51 tooth sprocket and a x-ring chain.