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  1. I have had mine listed on Ebay before as some people would only purchase from there. I have also pulled my listing from there as some people wanted to buy direct from me. It saved me a chunk of fees.
  2. There are 2 rotor and windings that look exactly the same when standing up like this. The difference being one set is considerably taller than the other. The correct rotor for what I use is approx .800" tall without the "fins" The wrong one is approx 1.25" tall and will not work. It is hard to tell which one this is with this pic.
  3. The bare spots will be fine. You could recover them but not sure what they use on them. The copper is bathed in a clear epoxy. If you ever need a new nut let me know. That rotor is worth it's weight in gold. The windings can be rewound or you can buy a new single phase (2wire) direct from Electrexworld. Steve
  4. Hey you YZ guys, does it look like zeke883 has a flywheel weight on his? or maybe it a GTYR weighted one? Seems like it is sticking up past the lip where most of the stock ones you have to use the big washer as a spacer. I think that's why the windings are so close to the flywheel.
  5. How much slop does that rotor have? You say that it can be moved around? I machine my nuts so that there is .001 to .002 slip fit. Maybe the nut is sacked out or maybe the rotor has some slop. Both can be fixed. Someone has already mentioned that you could drill the holes out ever so slightly to give more adjustment. Sometimes on these older units the holes get a little beat up and don't allow a lot of movement. Do they all appear to be fairly round? Maybe run a drill thru them to take out any burrs. I have rebuilt/refurbed a few older E-lines and they have looked much worse than this and function just fine. They are very robust.
  6. @Yzbrian03 Go back a page or two. Some good pictures on the bike and suggestions.
  7. Made a porn. Its a short 10 part mini series.
  8. Parts showed up Friday night. I'll snap a pic later so you guys can rub one out. hodgkins
  9. Ok guys. Parts back in stock and 10 on the way to me. PM me if you want to be on the list. I have a few spots left open. 1st come 1st served. Steve
  10. No worries. I had you down for 2 nuts! LOL
  11. Love my Canadian neighbors. Adriancnh is the lucky taker. Thanks for the additional offer Gary!
  12. 10th spot on list open AGAIN. PM me for my paypal address, send in required amount and you're IN! Please no drama, no back and forth , no wishy washy. 1st come 1st served basis. Steve
  13. May want to get a steel one and then have someone weld an extension into it. I wear a 13 and I have to do it to every bike I own.