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  1. Hey, was trying to reach you. Maybe your inbox is full?

    1. no1clyde


      Try again now.

  2. @darvin @2 STROKE YZ DOC I didn't realize my mail box was so full! Cleaned it out a little. @darvin you are missing the rotor and the nut and washer. I will scan ebay and see if I can find you a supplier for the rotor. I can make you a nut as you will not find one anywhere. It's not an off the shelf item. Use a putty knife to get the majority of the gasket off and then a wire brush to clean it up. I use OEM gasket and install dry. Steve
  3. Post a pic of everything you got. Then we can see what you are missing.
  4. The difference between the 2 and 3 wire is as follows : The 2 wire outputs all of its rated wattage through 1 of the wires. The 3 wire puts out half of it's rated wattage through each of the yellow wires. Some guys prefer the 2 wire as it simplifies trying to use all of it's available power through 1 reg/rect. Some guys prefer the 3 wire as they can use 1 leg to power all they need and use the other in case of failure of the 1st. Some guys even use 1 leg as AC power and the other for DC power.
  5. Just be aware that Ducati makes a rotor and windings, that at 1st glance, that look just like the G93/R93 that I use (IIRC G92/R92) They are approx 3/4" wider!!!!They are rated to 350 watts. I tinkered around with a set many moons back but I just couldn't get it to tuck in enough to not be rather obtrusive.
  6. @Yzbrian03 I actually turn down the O.D's of the rotors to gain more clearance. You can easily have someone turn it down .01 more. Just remind them it is just cast pot metal holding it all together so they don't crank it down in the lathe jaws. And also very magnetic.
  7. How do i get a hodgkins coil for my 01 yz 250

  8. Mr. Hodgkins, I have one of your coils for my 08 YZ250 "x"

    ...super happy with it however this spring my battery failed, and thru the process of elimination, I believe I have "lost a pole"?  I have a friend that is savvy on these things and is going to check it more closely, but if you have any thoughts or words of wisdom, please let me know.  I have been working with BD and my friend to isolate the problem and we are pretty sure one side is dead.


    1. hodgkins


      Is it a 2 wire or 3 wire winding? It will be a simple resistance check either way. It should read nearly zero across the terminals. Couple of options if you lost a pole. Ricky Stator and Baja Designs offer a rewind service. I can still buy brand new 2 wire or "single phase" windings from a European supplier and either I can press the new one in or you or another person could press it in. I have a friend with an older E-line unit that lost a pole and he simply found the grounded out section and spliced a new section in. If it is a 3 wire or "2 phase" you may only be using one leg. Switch over to the other leg. 


    2. WR450F_No28


      thanks!!!  the person I have to look at it would understand completely what you are saying :)

      I did the checks you mention for him and BD and they both agree: lost pole

      I will copy it to him.  like I said, "worked fine till it didn't"...weird.  my buddy was like, well...you DO ride a 2T (vibration) and I don't race in the slow class...this bike had the fastest lap times at 2017 24hrs of Starvation on our 50A winning team (I was just hanging on!) ...so...but I am still very happy with the setup. I thought about the ricky stator but buddy said ya, but they wont guarantee it...which is ok but gives me something to think about.  buddy thinks this stuff is easy "you can fix it"..ha! id just screw it up worse.

      appreciate the reply!


    3. hodgkins


      2 or 3 wire stator ? I have used both. On the 3 wire stator most guys only use 1 leg. The led lights these days draw so little you only need 40 or 50 watts to light up the world. Like I said if it's a 2 wire I can still get a brand new one and press out the old and press in the new. I would guess the price would be equal to a rewind.



  9. Thanks!! Thought I was gonna have a hard time finding the parts.. how much for the nut & washer? & do you have anything else to complete the kit or where would u recommend I get it from?

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    2. hodgkins


      Received the paypal but I need your address buddy.



    3. Lifebehindbarz


      Smh sorry haven't been around got into a car accident.. the bike was the last thing on my mind just finished paying 2400 to get my car back.. my address is 376 Monroe st Brooklyn ny 11221

    4. hodgkins


      Sorry to hear that buddy. I will get it going your way this week. 



  10. @Life Behind Bars you bought the $50 one. I saw it and thought it was a pretty good deal. The E-lines and my kits are hard to kill. That one looks rough but I bet it works just fine. You could have that rewound if it gives you problems or you can still source a brand new single phase from Europe. Let me know if you have issues. I do have an extra nut that will hold that rotor on for you. I'll even swing by the local hardware store and get a wavy washer that needs to go under it. PM me for details. Steve
  11. What year is your bike? I may have a few spares laying around. Just out of curiosity take a pic of what you got and either post up here or you can PM it to me.
  12. I have had mine listed on Ebay before as some people would only purchase from there. I have also pulled my listing from there as some people wanted to buy direct from me. It saved me a chunk of fees.
  13. There are 2 rotor and windings that look exactly the same when standing up like this. The difference being one set is considerably taller than the other. The correct rotor for what I use is approx .800" tall without the "fins" The wrong one is approx 1.25" tall and will not work. It is hard to tell which one this is with this pic.
  14. hodgkins

    Issue with E-line stator

    The bare spots will be fine. You could recover them but not sure what they use on them. The copper is bathed in a clear epoxy. If you ever need a new nut let me know. That rotor is worth it's weight in gold. The windings can be rewound or you can buy a new single phase (2wire) direct from Electrexworld. Steve