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  1. 59xfish

    Bird Breaks Distance Record

    The guys on the survey crew were scared to climb up it so Byrds girlfriend had to go up there with the gps thing for them. Going off it that fast is crazy but he got the World Record.
  2. 59xfish

    Bird Breaks Distance Record

    That is the jump. The sponsorhouse vid was a few days before the jump that I saw. This angle does it zero justice. I saw it from the side and it is bigger than anything that has ever been done. He had a full survey crew out there when I was there so it was an official distance record. Can you believe that he built that ramp with his girlfriend? BTW the inrun is so sketchy and loose and the ramp is at most 4 feet wide. He hit it going around 90mph. He is a legend.
  3. 59xfish

    Bird Breaks Distance Record

    Sorry I was just there and do not have footage or photos. He is going to go bigger in a few weeks so hopefully I can go to that as well and get a photo of that jump.
  4. 59xfish

    Bird Breaks Distance Record

    It was completely ridiculous. The guy lived on site in the desert for 3 months getting it dialed in. He plans to jump in the 350 foot range by the end of the month when he regear and rejets his bike.
  5. I just watched Bird jump his dirt bike 313.4 feet breaking the old record of Ryan Capes by 3 feet. He did it on a 03 CR250 on a ramp he made with his girlfriend. It will be featured in On The Pipe 4 coming out in 3 weeks on DVD. It was amazing to see someone break the world record and fly over the length of a football field.
  6. Hey just wondering how this bike would work for a woods weapon. I have a 04 WR450 and I am getting ready to buy a new bike. With a little supension and gearing work would this bike be great for single track stuff? It seems like the powerband would be good from the reviews on this site. Thanks in advance.
  7. 59xfish

    Moto and your health..

    It all depends on how hard you ride of course. There was a study done several years ago with atheletes from all different sports and the moto guys were rated at the top in overall fitness.
  8. Twitch broke the record at Jimmy Fitzpatricks place in Temecula, CA. The craziest thing about it was that it was the last hit in a freeride contest line. It was about a 2 minute run with around 9 dirt jumps in it. He broke the recod on the last jump. He even went almost as big on a one handed flip off the same jump in the practice. That dude is a freak of nature for sure.
  9. Metz is sick for sure but Twitch broke his record off a dirt hit. That's next level.
  10. 59xfish

    Part time RC!!!

    RC is the King. I heard he is getting a 100 million dollar deal to race Nascar. I bet he kill them in the races over there too.
  11. The bike sounds awesome. Thanks for the post. Any more would be appreciated. Thanks and keep em coming.
  12. For those lucky enough to have them already please share the riding experience.
  13. 59xfish

    Transworld 250 F Shootout

    TWS Results are 1) Honda CRF250 2) Kawasaki KX250 3) KTM SXF-250 4) Yamaha YZF250 5) Suzuki RMZ250 PRETTY LAME!!!
  14. Dude third gear jump fourth gear pinned is pretty bleak compared to Dan Pastors 4th gear jump 5th gear pinned last year. Dan went 260 feet to flat and lived to talk about in one of the worst crashes ever in dirtbiking. Check it out in Powerband Films "On the Pipe" The best moto vid ever made untill "On the Pipe 2 Still Smokin" hits the stores before this Christmas.
  15. I never heard of that. It just keeps on going and going and going!