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  1. rmzrider151

    Need help identifying whether RMZ is a 250 or 450

    That is 100% a 450. 1.) Rear fender is 450. 2.) Motor mounts are 450. 3.) Ignition cover is 450.
  2. rmzrider151

    Handlebar bend

    Whats your favorite bar brand and bend? Also what's your height? I have had the stock ones and Pro Taper Windham bend.
  3. rmzrider151

    Phoenix predictions

  4. rmzrider151

    Supercross Phoenix predictions

  5. rmzrider151

    Supercross Stewies GoPro

    I have to see that footage. I'd pay to watch it.
  6. rmzrider151

    What did you do to your RMZ today?

    So sick! Congrats ^^
  7. rmzrider151

    My new shirt for the 2012 season

    OMG I just knew it was going to say that! I'm psychic. BTW someone should start making them like that. I swear I would buy one. No joke.
  8. rmzrider151

    Best goggles for Shoei VFX-R

    Eks Brand. Best goggles for any helmet.....
  9. rmzrider151

    The new Monster Energy Supercross Girls for 2012

    I just had to view this thread
  10. rmzrider151

    If you had 1500$ what would you do..

    haha fag
  11. rmzrider151

    If you had 1500$ what would you do..

    Suspension revalve. Grips. Graphics. Hour meter and mount. TM designworks slide-n-glide kit. Pipe if money left over. (Yoshimura.)
  12. rmzrider151

    Green vs Blue.. 250f's

    Yamaha all the way
  13. rmzrider151

    JGR Yamaha looks to be ready to rumble !

    What's up with the shrouds?
  14. rmzrider151

    Wilson is looking good

    Rutherford was actually the very first one to hit it. Check this different angle out: http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?v=yj0-aDFeJP4