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  1. Squidward

    Hit a car at 35 mph

    Nice plants!
  2. Squidward

    Bought a FCR. Have some questions.

    In case there's any remaining ambiguity, Eddie is referring to the snorkel area as the intake hole.
  3. Squidward

    Bought a FCR. Have some questions.

    You can also just turn the stock petcock to the PRI (prime) position - when in this position gas will flow without the need for the vacuum. I'm not entirely certain whether, when in prime position, it will take gas from the bottom of the tank or up at the standard inlet - if the former, you would lose the usage of reserve.
  4. Squidward

    broken cam cap/journal

    The reason they only sell it with an entire head assembly is because the head and the cap are mated. When the parts are created, the machinist bolts the caps on and bores them (the caps and head) together - they are perfect matches. Taking the cap from another head won't solve the problem as it might be too small or too large of a bore (we're talking minute differences caused by machining tolerances combined with wear). You could maybe find a machine shop that is capable of filling another cap and boring it to the proper diameter - it would be tricky, even then, as you wouldn't want to touch the head side at all. Depending on where the crack is, it could be much easier to just repair the one you already have - there isn't too terribly much stress on the part, and so long as it holds things properly for the oil bearing to work, you'd be peachy. Your other option, as you already know, is to purchase the whole shebang and replace it - whether new or used.
  5. Squidward

    Attaching a DRZ400S subframe to DRZ400E

    Yes, the E and S (and K) subframes are all interchangeable. The S model subframe extends about... 6 inches or so past the end of the E subframe and would provide better support for things like racks and panniers. There are often S model guys looking to lighten their bikes and if you look hard enough you should be able to find someone to simply trade with you. Regardless of how you get it.. make sure the S subframe hasn't been modified past your liking (popular to remove helmet lock, hack off the end, etc). The difference in muffler mounting may be the fact that the passenger footpeg on the S model frame has a hole in it to bolt the muffler to that area of the subframe. If this is the case, you should be able to find a "footpeg eliminator" or fabricate something yourself very easily. Doing a search here on "footpeg eliminator" or "passenger peg" + remove should do the trick.
  6. Haha... is "Squish Areas" really a technical term?
  7. Squidward

    Generation MX

    Dealing with the same thing at the moment.. Called the number on my CC statement after they've billed me for a second membership. When I was told it was a periodic billing, I replied to the email with "Do NOT bill me again. I wish only to be a member for this year." Silly me, should have persisted until I received a response... exactly one year ago. Anyhow... the number on my statement is 630-241-2496... went to voicemail - sounded like someone's cell phone.. 'you've reached the miltons'... Gave an email a try and get a 552 - Quota exceeded error. Meh.. I was going to just call Generation MX and sort it out to give them a break on their relationship with their gateway or whomever deals with their CC processing... but judging from the posts above and difficulty contacting them, I think I'll just deal directly with Capital One.
  8. Squidward

    Who Wants a Laugh?-Homemade Silencer!

    Not likely considering aluminum melts around 1200F (assuming it's fairly pure aluminum [not likely, but still probably won't melt]). The JB Weld will, so you may want to have your buddy do it proper.
  9. Squidward

    Oh my god

    I think zebra print would look better, but it's still damn funny. Looks like crap, yea - but I like it.
  10. Squidward

    Adobe Illustrator DRZ Graphics kit Template

    Here's the template in 2 color gif... you'll want to swap it from indexed to RGB in your editing software or you're not going to get far. A tip to anyone actually wanting to design their own graphics: Learn Illustrator, keep it in the .ai format or you're likely going to get charged a vectoring fee when it goes to production.
  11. Squidward

    Adobe Illustrator DRZ Graphics kit Template

    It's not a corrupt file, you need to follow the link - you can't simply right click & save.. The file is being hosted through "fast dump".
  12. Squidward

    World fastest electric bike.

    I would imagine there is a speed controller that would be programmed to prevent loss of traction/a situation like that.
  13. Squidward

    World fastest electric bike.

    I've been wondering why no one has made an electric drag bike. Lots they can approve on, but still damn impressive. 0-60 in 1.4 seconds! Heavy, though.. weighs in at 625 pounds. If they're really going for the fastest electric bike I wonder why they built a battery pack that doesn't completely spend itself in a single run rather than several. 175 pounds for batteries that don't even get spent completely? heh... that's expensive weight. An electric bike could definitely blow the pants off of a top fuel bike even. So incredibly much torque is put out by electric motors especially where it's most needed. (dead stall) Curious to see where they improve and when in the coming years. Thanks for the link, very interesting.
  14. Squidward

    Guilty from abuse?

    Absolutely nothing.She's all torn down.. good time to grease the swingarm, steering stem, replace the shock with my KX shock (stock valving, wonder how it'll do? ), take those fork boots off, check valve clearance, clean airbox and all sorts of fun stuff. Already repaired the rear rim.. very suprised to find out the kawi shop had a partial set. I'm getting good at this truing stuff too. All ready for her big date tomarrow: torn down Makes me feel less guilty when I pamper her.