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  1. Where will you be when the powerband strikes???
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjGIHMvk-ec As the title suggests here is the start of my local WIXC race and a battle to the end. Thanks for watching
  3. Where were the dirt bikes Chrisbro420?
  4. http://m.wikihow.com/Jump-on-a-Dirt-Bike Found this "very informative" link online teaching new riders how to jump a dirt bike. Maybe beginners shouldn't be pinning the bike wide open on their first jump. I hope no poor rider used this guide to attempt their first jump.
  5. Hello guys and gals, I am a 6'1" 190 pound C rider on the edge of breaking into the B class. I race 2 hour long harescrambles. I've been training pretty hard in the off-season and want to build some strength and pick up some speed. I currently have a 2006 crf250r and couldn't be less happy with it. It has grenaded twice in the last two years and I am hopping off the four-stroke wagon. I am looking at picking up a 2013/2014 ktm 250 xc or xc-w. I was wondering if anything will be left to be desired if I pick up the xc-w or will the xc be too much to handle effectively at my skill level? Does anyone have any experience with either bike and what can you tell me? Thanks, Ben
  6. Looks like four strokes and two strokes can get along.
  7. I think your videos could use subtitles.
  8. A few days ago I saw a video of a hare scramble race with a lot of crazy obstacles and I forgot the title. It had a section with swinging tires and the start involved ducking under a gate. I also remember the rider getting 7th place. I hope someone else knows what I'm talking about. Thanks for the help.
  9. I stopped trying to kick it after I realized that something was wrong. And it's a 2006.
  10. Hey guys during my last race I heard a loud snap come from my engine and the bike immediately died. As the title says when I tried to restart the bike the kick-starter would not move regardless of force. Can anyone give me an idea of what went wrong or what is broken on the bike? As always thanks for the help. Ben
  11. I like BROtocross a lot. I think he is a different/refreshing perspective to what's going on in moto and I see plenty of the videos he posts on his site on Thumpertalk a few hours later. Take it Eazy.
  12. I don't see how Taddy Blazusiak dominating every main is much different than watching Ryan Dungey dominating every main. Taddy won every race last year and only lost the opener because of a first turn wreck. And in that video everyone got just as spread out as in a moto. The obstacles are fun to watch I but I feel like too much of a NASCAR fan sitting and waiting for a wreck and I hate seeing people get hurt. And not to appear that I am hating on Endurocross, I have raced an Endurocross before and it was a blast.
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