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  1. How long did it take to get the submarine out of the pond? Same thing happened to a buddy about 3 years ago and I think it took the two of us over 2 hours to get it out of the muck and then the fun of trying to get all of the water out; priceless!!!
  2. Malindor

    Fall Color Tours...

    Thanks for the replies; I think it will be Atlanta this weekend, as I have never "officially" made it to those trails before. One weekend I was supposed to meet a fellow member in that area; didn't get out of work until 10:30 or so and was so tired that I endend up sleeping in a parking lot near Galdwin and just rode that area, lol!!!
  3. Malindor

    Fall Color Tours...

    Thank you, maybe I will check that out as I must be part woman and really enjoy the fall colors, lol!!! I have been disapointed on my main trails as they are mostly Jack Pine. I think Crappo Creek is the only other trail that I have seen a lot of color on...
  4. Malindor

    Michigan Fall Color Tours...

    Just wondering what trails that you feel are the best for fall colors???
  5. Malindor

    Mio ride, Sat 3rd

    Glad you had a good time!!!
  6. Malindor

    Mio ride, Sat 3rd

    Same here, staycations for the forseeable future...
  7. Malindor

    Prescription Goggles

    What about not wearing glasses or contacts and just squinting really hard in order to somewhat see, that is what I do!
  8. Hey, leave us gimps, that are stuck with AT&T coverage alone, I am starting to form a complex here and might need therapy!!!
  9. Malindor

    450 coming off yz125??

    I agree with Hurricane, do not jump up to a 450 or 426 at this point in time...
  10. I have a Samsung Jack through AT&T and I can tell you that reception is horrible even in city areas. I am simply waiting 2 more months for the contract to expire and going to any network that is not AT&T...
  11. Not to be a smarty pants or anything else; but this is AT&T reception that we are talking about, correct???
  12. Malindor

    what would you do

    Well since this is the appropriate forum to post this, I will... I will give you my CRF450X for your 40 acres in Arizona!!!
  13. Michigan does have a ton of trails and racing opportunities, but we also have some of the highest taxes around. I think we are like 7th on the national list...
  14. Malindor


    Parts of Gladwin had to be closed when they allowed the dam to be broken. River and flood plain is back to where it wants to be as opposed to where we want it to be, lol!!! Funny thing is that the Muskegon River doesn't seem to ever carry much water, go figure...
  15. Malindor

    Dorm Bike Storage

    I agree about the backup plan. I work at a University and even though the RA said that there is no problem, they have little to no pull in the big scheme of things. At our school all RA are students that get room and board for free by promissing to watch what is going on and to settle minor disputes, if anyone was to complain about it, you would most likely face actual employees as well as run accross all kinds of code violations. I am sure there would be no fines, but I could see you losing dorm privledges and having to seek shelter off-campus. But at our rates, it would most likely be cheaper living on your own anyways, lol!!!