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  1. dabrowski

    Stiff throttle

    The throttle tube might be badly scored due to dragging on the bars. Try replacing the throttle tube too.
  2. dabrowski

    Full Quart

    The manuel says 800ml if filter changed. I put in 850 & find its the perfect amount to hit the 'full' level
  3. dabrowski

    Clutch Ticking Noise

    That's Normal. I have had a new 2012 and a 2013 and they make a different noise when the clutch is pulled in. It's,because when the clutch is pulled the pressure plate has no tension and the clutch fibres and metal plates are free to 'slap' around in the basket.
  4. dabrowski

    Harsh Landings? 08 KX250F

    slow down the rebound on the rear shock and front forks. Just one click at a time to start with. slower/softer = 'S' on the lower forks legs and lower rear shock
  5. dabrowski

    valves @ 20hrs

    Also, i use Maxima Airfillter oil, and kerosene & dishwashing liquid to clean the filters post riding. Do it after every ride too.
  6. dabrowski

    valves @ 20hrs

    Yeh, im also very anal about dirt and dust in the airbox. Whenever i take a dirty filter out of the box, i always wipe the backfire screen with a clean white cloth to check if any dust has passed the filter. To date, no dirt has passed the filter as i always have a clean cloth after wiping....this is why im bummed about having to already shim at 20hrs.
  7. dabrowski


    I do the same as lumpy790. The kerosene I use is blue in color. Is this normal??
  8. dabrowski

    How do i remove fork dust seals?

    update- i recently cleaned the seals with the bike on the stand and it has stopped leaking....seems like when there was pressure on the forks it would keep coming out. Strange.
  9. dabrowski

    Seal mate?

    just check out my thread here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/990012-how-do-i-remove-fork-dust-seals/ i have recently used the seal mate and it worked great. bit of advice for you, have the bike on a stand when u clean the seals so theres no pressure on the forks. I did it when the bike was on the ground (i.e. no stand), and couldnt get the forks to stop leaking.
  10. dabrowski

    valves @ 20hrs

    Thanks drzadam!! Some good info in there and puts me at ease. ill probably only keep the bike till 40hrs then upgrade t. o a newer model
  11. dabrowski

    valves @ 20hrs

    Just an update guys, took it to my local shop and they shimmed the left intake and right exhaust. I will continue to monitor every 10hrs. Also they said the rubber head gaskets don't need to be changed until u do a top end. Still thought I'd get more than 20hrs before a shim! Oh well
  12. dabrowski

    valves @ 20hrs

    Thats the frustrating part, im a slow rider and never bounce it off the limiter! and unfortunately i dont have a .100mm gauge so cant check. but like i said the left is way tighter than right at .102mm so something is going on. Ill take it into the shop next week and see what they say. btw it still starts 3rd kick. what are ur experiences with the longevity after the 1st adjustment?
  13. dabrowski

    valves @ 20hrs

    Hey guys. I have a kx250f 2012 with 20hrs since brand new. I checked the valves at brand new and the intake clearance was .102mm (.100mm is the tightest according to the manual). Now with 20hrs the left intake does accept the .102mm feeler but i have to force it hard. The right intake is still easy to get in. Should i get them shimmed? Particularly the left intake? Ive heard that once u get it shimmed once a whole valve job could be close. is this true? The exhaust valves are still ok and havent moved since new.i wash the air filter after every ride and am anal about the cleanliness.
  14. dabrowski

    How do i remove fork dust seals?

    Ok so ive cleaned around the seals with a tool called "seal mate" and im worried becuase after installing it all back together the seals are leaking after pumping the forks a handful of times. whats going on? Will it take a while for the oil to stop coming out?
  15. dabrowski

    How do i remove fork dust seals?

    Wont the spring lose its shape though? Can it be reused and put back??