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  1. exIT

    CARB Red Sticker Inventory Webinar (NOW)

    Think there's a bit of biased logic used here: I'm not sure which bike is pictured but it looks newish and likely has a cat in the muffler. The "emisions" look rather similar to what I see coming from lots of cars when I get on the freeway in the morning. I'm sure that the pic of downtown LA must be the result of all those nasty bikes.
  2. exIT

    Confirming cam timing on RFS

    The water pump pin, timing marks on the cam sprocket and the trailing edge of the bump on the flywheel should look like the photos when everything is lined up on TDC.
  3. exIT

    2007 KTM 450 exc value

    Locally, So Cal, this would be known as a steal. I don't know about pricing in Montana. The only "problem" area on this year engine was the intake valves are soft and will likely need replacing by about the 300 hour mark depending on how dusty of conditions it has been ridden. You should be good for quite a while at only 1100 miles currently. Take a look at the drain plug on the bottom of the motor (about even with the shift lever tip but on the bottom). The stock plug requires an 8mm hex key to remove. It seems like some owners have had trouble with them and either strip out the head or simply don't remove it (needs to be removed when changing the oil). There are simple inexpensive replacements for this plug. There are two more (three total) drain plugs but they are standard 13mm hex head and don't usually cause difficulty. I have over 800 hours and 18K miles on my '07 525. Three top ends and fairly ordinary wear and tear replacements only.
  4. If you want more bottom end, go bigger. I went from 525 to 540 when I did my first top end as I needed to replace the cylinder/piston anyway. I currently have 850 hours and 18K miles on the stock bottom end. On my 3rd top end.
  5. exIT

    09 530 exc coolant issue???

    Blue smoke usually means you are burning a bit of oil. Black smoke is gas (too rich). The overflow into the frame dumps the spilled coolant onto the headers which is part of the reason you immediately smell it. The best fix I have found is to switch the rad cap out for a CEV 2.0 bar cap. They are way pricey but work well.
  6. exIT

    Carburetor Problems

    It appears that he is asking about a 2 stroke carb in the 4 stroke forum. He deleted his post that said he had a smoker.
  7. exIT

    Carburetor Problems

    Did you remove the slide when working on the carb? If so it's easy to replace the vacuum release plate on the front of the slide upside down. Look in the front of the carb. The 1/4" dia. hole on the slide should be at the bottom. Upside down causes problems similar to what you describe.
  8. exIT

    Hand guard clamps

    Fastway/Enduro Engineering makes something like that.
  9. If you did adjust the valves on the overlap stroke (easy mistake to make) you will have A LOT of gap on the compression stroke and .005 gap on the overlap. To check measure the gap when you think it is on the right stroke and then crank the engine one complete revolution and check it again. The valves will be tight (no gap) on the overlap when you have them adjusted correctly. You didn't mention if you did any other maintenance but if you cleaned the carb and removed the slide, an easy mistake to make is to reinstall the vacuum release plate upside down. It will fit and look correct both ways but when it is upside down the bike will not start or will start with difficulty and not run right. The 1/4" dia. recess in the plate should be at the bottom if this is a possible problem.
  10. exIT

    Cold Morning - No Rear Brakes

    I've never heard of it happening but I suppose it is possible that the master cylinder bore shrank due to the cold and seized the piston. The bore would likely shrink more than the piston in the cold. Try applying a small bit of heat from a hair dryer or similar and see if it helps.
  11. exIT

    2008 EXC-R E-Start Dead.......Ideas?

    Is the charging system working? Does the fan run a lot especially after you stop the engine? Have you added anything else electrical (heated grips, more powerful light, etc.) that adds to the power draw? I found that on my bike ('07 525 EXC) that the fan would kill the battery quickly especially if I was riding lots of tight tech trails with low engine speed and the bike was running a bit hot. I fixed the problem on mine by rewiring the fan to only run when the engine was running. Another possibility: Does the starter not work at all or is it intermittent? A broken wire in the harness (mine broke were the harness runs along side the steering head) will give intermittent problems. Try turning the bars fully to the right or wiggling the wires and see if the starter makes contact if this is a problem.
  12. If he dropped a valve there must have been plenty of damage. Did you check to make certain that the cam drive sprocket on the crank didn't shear the key? It kind of sounds like your valve timing is off or the auto decompression mechanism was assembled incorrectly on the cam.
  13. exIT

    Damaged Radiator...

    Mylar's is your best and least expensive solution. It will look like new when they are done with it.
  14. exIT

    Big bog.

    My first suggestion anytime the carb has been worked on is look at the release plate on the front of the slide. The hole in the front should be located at the bottom. The letter stamped near the hole is an "M" not a "W". The plate will easily fit both ways and the bike won't run well if it is backward. Make sure you sealed off all of the openings where you removed smog parts or you will have a major lean condition. Make sure that the clip is on the needle. If you didn't get it seated properly and/or it falls off you will get a huge bog and the bike will only run on the choke. Check to see that the accel pump is squirting. Make sure that the diaphragm is in perfect condition (no holes or tears). I don't have any experience with Blais stuff but I would think they would be ready to help if needed.
  15. Did you remove the cover for the accelerator pump? Inside there is a spring, a diaphram and off to one side a small hole with a groove around it for an O-ring (assuming it is similar to my carb). Did you lose the O-ring? If you didn't remove the pump cover it is obviously something else.