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  1. V908

    Xr400 kickstarter

    I'm not clear whether you are saying it doesn't turn the motor at all, or if it seems effortless, but is still moving the motor when it's kicked. That would tell you whether to start looking at the engagement of the lever versus valves and decompression system. With the automatic decompression system, it can make it very easy to kick-over, but if the valves aren't adjusted properly (especially exhaust), it will be very hard to start.
  2. V908

    After market carb for xr400

    Honestly, I think you'd be better off getting your stock carb cleaned and jetted properly. I struggled with my stock carb ('98 XR400) for quite a while before finding the right mechanic who jetted it right for my primary riding areas and I couldn't be happier. I've ridden XR400's with other carbs and none of them ran any better than my bike does now. It starts first or second kick when cold, first kick when warm, and has no hesitation or bog. Very happy with it, but it took a pro (that is, not me!) to get it right.
  3. V908

    Whats the difference between XR400 & XR400R

    I'm not sure that would be an "update." I love my air-cooled XRs and have resisted the move to the air-cooled CRF line due to the increased maintenance and seemingly decreased reliability. I know a bunch of people who have CRF's and they have to put a lot more effort into keeping them up versus my XR400.
  4. V908

    Newbie confusion

    If you're just trail riding and not looking for outright performance, I would look toward the older, air-cooled bikes (XR250/400, DR, KLR, etc.) or even the newer CRF Honda models that still have the air colled motors. Bullet-proof, less maintenance, less to go wrong on the trail. I've ridden more bikes than I can remember, but for casual trail riding always go back to my XR's and CRF's. I can't tell you how many newer water-cooled bikes or two-strokes I've had to tow out of the backwoods for someone when they broke down... I know you said you wouldn't do "much" dual-sport riding, but since you're a street rider, you may be tempted. Again, if you're not looking for kick-ass performance, but want an easy way to get to the trails to explore and have fun, it would be hard to beat the CRF230L...
  5. That's an awesome bike. I had one for years and rode the snot out of it. I could never get the suspension up-to-snuff, but should have kept it for a fun trail bike. To this day, I regret selling it. Anyway, if you haven't already done so, check the valve clearances. Mine would tick when the exhaust valves got tight. If you wait too long, it'll become a bitch to start and won't run well. Just get the valves into spec (it's an easy job), change the oil regularly, and have fun with it. I never had any problems with mine at all. It should never be hard to start if it's jetted right and valves are set correct. I never needed to use the decompression lever, the bike just didn't have that much compression to bother with (but then, I'm 6'2" and 200 lbs.).
  6. V908

    Left Side Spraying Oil

    Okay, here's part of your problem, "...but I don't understand why it was so low on the dipstick (about 3/4 up) with so much oil in the tank." The oil should only come up the lower part of the dipstick. It varied a bit over the years, but generally, only the lower quarter to third of the dipstick would have oil on it when full. If you have oil 3/4 up the stick, you are way overfilling. If you don't have an aftermarket dipstick (e.g., one with a temperature gauge or something), there should be hashmarks on the stick, showing the range. Get the oil level set properly and hopefully your problem goes away. If not, then you've blown a seal or gasket somewhere due to high crankcase pressure as a result of the extra oil (it doesn't compress like air does in the crankcase).
  7. V908

    Anybody use a cheap lift/stand ?

    I got one of the Harbor Freight ones at least 20 years ago and have had no issue with it whatsoever. I even use it to lift my XR650L to work on it. It takes some effort to lift the heavier bikes, but I'm over 200 lbs. so the leverage works well enough for me. I'm just glad I never have to hoist my bike up on a "regular' stand or crate again. Couldn't beat the price ($25-ish back then).
  8. I have spare 94109-12000 crush washers from my XR250, XR400, and XR650L. I'm about to do an oil change on my new-to-me XRF150F and found that Honda specifies a 90401-KRM-R20 crush washer. They both 12mm, so I'm wondering if there is really a difference? Is it different thickness, or softness of material, or what? Long story short... is there any real reason why I can't use the crush watchers from my XRs on the little CRF?
  9. V908

    End of the XR650L ??

    I love all the interest in dual-sport and Adventure bikes lately, and I'm one of the people who's been hounding Honda to plate the 450. But, I have to admit, I probably wouldn't give up my XR650L (de-smogged and re-geared) for it. That old air-cooled motor and proven design is as reliable as a hammer. In 14 years mine has never failed me and never broken. Other than pulling off the smog crap (and re-jetting) and re-gearing, the only other mods have been a Shorai battery and an external oil cooler. I'm not even that good about keeping up on oil changes and air filter cleaning -- it just keeps running. I cannot count the number of rides I've been on that have been spoiled by another rider's fancy bike boiling over, or blowing a hose, or clutch failing, or whatever. When I'm out in the boonies and just want to make sure I'll get home, that air-cooled, rock-solid 650L never disappoints. Is it heavy and the suspension outdated? Sure, but I'm not as fast as I used to be, and not hitting the MX tracks, so it does exactly what I need.
  10. V908

    How do i remove this cap?!!

    Yeah, what everyone else sorta said. Raise the tube up in the triple clamps to ensure it's not binding at all at the top, then use a six-point socket and a breaker bar to get it loose -- gently.
  11. I'm willing to bet someone stuff a Chinese motor in it that has an auto transmission (even if just one speed). I've seen a bunch of old "Hondas" that have a Honda frame with a newer, larger Chinese engine with auto trans bolted into them. If you're just looking for a pit bike, no problem. If you want reliable transportation, run away!
  12. V908

    Wrecked senior rider,,,,

    As Jeff Emig once said (and I'm paraphrasing here), "You really learn who your friends are when you break both arms and need someone to wipe your a$$."
  13. When I truly rode moto (Grand Prix racing in D37), I didn't worry about keys or anything I'd need to stuff in my pockets. It was a marked course with plenty of help if issues arose. However, when riding recreationally, I'd either put my keys (and other essential tools) in my Camelback/chest protector, or (especially when dual-sporting) ride in Duluth Trading Company Fire Hose pants (https://www.duluthtrading.com/store/mens/workwear/fire-hose/fh-work-clothes.aspx?src=BBPPCMN), They're tough as hell, breathe reasonably well, and have pockets (velcro'd shut) galore. Love 'em.
  14. V908

    1991 xr250r speedometer part number

    37200-KSC-305 is the only part I can find for US models... The picture you shared was in kilometers, what country is your bike from?
  15. V908

    XR650L dies randomly

    I think it's just paying you back for the color scheme.