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  1. Firedude

    What was your first bike

    1975 Honda XR75. Got it for my 13th birthday. Best birthday present ever.
  2. Firedude

    Clutch noise??

    A metal skid plate would really make it bad but yeah you get used to it.
  3. Firedude

    2008 CRF450R stutters on 0-1/4 steady throttle

    Glad you reported back with your fix. A lot of people fail to do this and it does not help those who have same problem later and do a search for answers.
  4. Firedude

    Clutch noise??

    Yes. Normal.
  5. Firedude

    CRF450 Air Filter Preference...???

    I use twin air on other brands with good success but only use factory Honda on CRF 450's ( have not tried them on CRF's). I am only speaking to the CRF use here. As far as the Honda filters go, I wash out the NoToil Honda uses before use. That in my experience is what kills the seal and the filter itself if it sits long enough. I have opened brand new pre-oiled filters with the Notoil that had already started to eat away the filter.
  6. I think that is a really good price. I have a 2013 that is not a Factory edition and love it. I would not let it go for that. Technically the one you are looking at would be equal to a standard 2014. If you go for it show some pics.
  7. I would jump on it if it was well maintained. These are great bikes. Way more good experiences than bad. Wish more people would follow up with final outcomes.
  8. Firedude

    Best Wheels To Get For The Price

    Marketplace section.
  9. Firedude

    CRF450 Air Filter Preference...???

    I only use honda filters. Have seen most others cause dirt to get by and make for early intake valve replacement. Uni being the worst. Seen it first hand and yes, filters were oiled properly.
  10. Firedude

    08 CRF450 G2 Throttle Tamer (or flywheel)

    I would dump the uni filter and go back to stock. I have personally seen that filter be the cause of the ti valves being trashed early. They let more dirt through than stock.
  11. Firedude

    Best Wheels To Get For The Price

    Check with Jeff aka bolt in the classified section. I think he has the best prices.
  12. Firedude

    Best Wheels To Get For The Price

    Have not tried them myself but hear great things about Tusk.
  13. Firedude

    08 CRF450 G2 Throttle Tamer (or flywheel)

    I have been thinking that as well. I love the 08. It really is the best of the CRF's. This one is pretty cherry also. Wife just does not get that though. I have not tried a Rekluse on these bikes but have ridden with guys that had them on other bikes and swore by them. I would do the weight then if you still feel the need do the clutch. They do work well together I hear. Flywheel really does mellow the bike just enough to make it even more fun to ride. I would think the heavier 17 would really make it sweet.
  14. Firedude

    08 CRF450 G2 Throttle Tamer (or flywheel)

    I installed the 13 ounce on my 04 CRF450 and loved it. Took away most of the stall issues and made it much better as a all around bike. I currently have a 08 CRF450 and have a 13 ounce for it but have not installed it yet. I just had a 2013 KTM 450 sxf fall into my garage so the CRF is up for sell more than likely. I will be installing a throttle tamer and flywheel on it very soon. They are both worth doing in my book. Both can be put back to stock easy. I say go for it.
  15. Firedude

    Is a 2005 crf450r a good bike?

    Yes, they are a great bike. Need to make sure it was well maintained of course and be prepared to do some work of your own but overall a great bike and a lot of fun.