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  1. XL100allnightlong

    Slappy valves happy valves?

    Valves should never slap like that. There should only be a very slight ticking that you can here. It is very easy to pop the valve cover off and adjust them.
  2. XL100allnightlong

    Is the XR400 the best bike ever made?

    I vote xr400. Reliable, Enough torque to cart my 240lb a$$ around no problem. Super easy maintenance which means more riding time.
  3. XL100allnightlong

    Is the XR400 the best bike ever made?

    Agreed, a 6th gear in the 400 would be awesome, you could cruise at low rpms at 70 mph.
  4. XL100allnightlong

    Is the XR400 the best bike ever made?

    I have rode the drz400e and the s model. My xr400 uncorked would pull away from my brothers drz s model slowly but only because he weighs 35 pounds more than me this was from a roll. From a dig my bike would pull his bad in first gear because the xr 400 is a low end torque monster. The xr 400 just feels more powerful because of the low end power. Now the E model DRZ pulls like a freight train but it is closer to 40hp! I wouldn't trade my xr for nothing! I wouldn't mind adding a xr650r "the king" to my garage though!
  5. XL100allnightlong

    necessary to apply grease to the air filter?

    The best stuff I have found that cleans the filter completely is low odor mineral spirits that you can buy at chinamart in the paint section.
  6. XL100allnightlong

    Some advice on the right sprocket size...

    14/45 tight trails 15/45 trails/road 16/45 roads
  7. XL100allnightlong

    Rear Tire - XCMH vs Trakmaster II?

    Trakmaster 2 for me. I'm on my second one. They are a beast in the dirt and priced right!
  8. XL100allnightlong


    15/48 is the same as 14/45. One tooth change on the countersprocket is the same as a 3 tooth change on the rear sprocket. Except that it is a lot easier imo to change the front sprocket than the rear sprocket. Go with a 14 countersprocket.
  9. XL100allnightlong


    14 Tooth on the front and 45 on the back is worth plenty of torque on the xr400, second gear pops up at wot
  10. XL100allnightlong

    OIL filters for XR400. What are you using? Best Value?

    honda oem every 800 miles
  11. XL100allnightlong

    Amsoil vs Valvoline

  12. XL100allnightlong

    Amsoil vs Valvoline

    I will most certainly post my findings this spring/summer which is just an opinion, that's all we can do is give our best opinions. I am one of those riders who love my xr 400. I always keep it clean and maintained and I am always wondering if there is something bigger and better for my bike and that is why I ask for other peoples finds on this site. It isn't all just trial and error on the riders part, there are so many experienced riders that have been there and done that so that is why I ask first and do later. Smart people ask and research first before trying new things so they don't f*** things up permanently by making mistakes that others have done in the past. I trust many of the opinions of the riders on this site! Also, my bike rides and shifts fine but after oil starts to break down the shifting will get stickier as this has been noticed by many riders other than myself. My experiment for lack of better words, is to see if the high priced oils will go for more miles without breaking down and causing shifting to become sticky " for lack of better words"
  13. XL100allnightlong

    Amsoil vs Valvoline

    smartass's lol, I want to see which oil will break down first and show signs of hard shifting in the gear box. I want to see if this so called over priced amsoil is really worth its price or if the cheaper synthetics are just as good!
  14. XL100allnightlong

    Amsoil vs Valvoline

    I seen the 100% synthetic 20w-50 Amsoil at my local auto parts store for 4 strokes for $10 bucks a quart. I guess its not that steep of a price to pay for some of the best protection an engine can get. I think I will experiment with the Amsoil and Valvoline full synthetic and see which one I like better this spring.
  15. XL100allnightlong

    Amsoil vs Valvoline

    Thanks TR! I think both oils have good ratings, guess I cant go wrong with either.