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  1. I'm getting through that right now as we speak........the saga continues. I'm almost considering putting trainging wheels on it just for security. He is riding his bicycle without them. Not sure what to do though..................
  2. Stevem_38

    Thats gonna leave a mark!

    Can anyone explain how that happened??
  3. Stevem_38

    Renthal twin wall v. Pro Taper

    thanks for all the input..
  4. When I bought my bike, it had Rethal Twinwalls with the stock upper triple. So there are adapters on the clamp to accomodate the bars. I really like the style of protaper, and was thinking of getting a set. Am I crazy? I know the twinwalls are probably better, but I like the style of the Protaper, ya know what I mean?? If I do go with Protaper, should I get the appropriate upper clamp or do you guys think the adapters are ok, even though they move the bars up (my bars feel kinda high now, but does it really make a big difference?? BTW, I don't race, I just play fancy dress up..... any ideas, comments?? Thanks, Steve
  5. Stevem_38

    Southwick good spectator track?

    Southwick is good, just get there early. "you can slide in, if you got tin......"
  6. http://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=schueler Tuck in those shirts....
  7. Stevem_38

    robby knevils dirtbike

    You're asking because it was on TV last night? I watched it too. What a tool, he's nuthin' but a crazy, grumpy, old man, livin' his life under his father's shadow of fame. Evel was nuts too, I remember watching him on Wide World of Sports, when I was just a youngen. But I bet Robbie would never do what he is doing, while riding one of his dad's rides. I gonna guess Evel's bikes were twice as heavy, and had no more than four inches or travel. Now those were some jumps.......crazy none the less, but Evel was a legend. Robbie's just a bum......crazy yes....but still a bum.......I don't see any Robbie Knievel action figures or toys at your local toy store.......At least Evel was marketable. His was swearing about dad on TV last night.....what a D!@k!!!! ok, I'm done.....oh, and it's a cr500, what he said...
  8. Stevem_38

    My Garage

    Me thinks I fixed it......don't ask how.....I think. Thank me, Steve
  9. Stevem_38

    My Garage

    I have two pics attached for each bike in My Garage, but only one thumbnail and pic gets displayed. What gives?? Thanks, Steve
  10. Stevem_38

    Cool hot rod vid

    I agree but, that ain't your momma's V8, that's poppa's HEMI !!!!
  11. Stevem_38

    Cool hot rod vid

    Looks like 8 hemispherical heads to me, with 6 carbs.....
  12. Stevem_38

    Which Pipe for yz250f??

    I second the Dr D. I've had one for two years now.....can't be beat....
  13. My son and his buddy...........can you tell by the look in their eyes, what's to come; This is starting to become really fun!!!
  14. Stevem_38

    Seattle Supercross Photos

    great pics. I go but have never been able to get that close to the action. Where were you standing/sitting??? what was the camera set at for most of the pics?? Thanks again, Steve
  15. Did we all figure out that it's on tonite?? I would say that's a better time than smack in the middle of the day........I'd rather be outside during the afternoon, than sittin on my rump wathcin' TV............come on kids, get out there and exercise......anybody else??