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    2014 CR500AF and 2015 KTM SXF450FE

    Enjoy doing anything outdoors, preferably where there are few people about.
  1. LuckySquirrel

    KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition (2015)


    Best in class
  2. LuckySquirrel

    KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition 2015

    Best in class
  3. LuckySquirrel

    Post pics of your CR's

  4. LuckySquirrel

    FE390 fuel pump cycling?

    I just take out the fuse for the FI when i connect the charger.
  5. LuckySquirrel

    Came across this article...

    I rode my '85 KDX200 until 1991 when I moved onto a WR250. The lack of a front disc brake was the biggest limiting factor. That KDX was one of the best bikes I ever owned. I should never have sold it. I did hundreds of hard enduro hours on that bike and it just went on and on - reliable as ever. Air-cooled and very simple to service. Yep - that the kind of bike they should still be making today. No thanks to those pesky environmental lawyers.
  6. LuckySquirrel

    Enduro/woods bike, KTM,CRF450X,CR500? 2T? 4T?

    Don't sell that 500. Get yourself a 250 / 300 2T for the woods work, and roll out the 500 occasionally...
  7. LuckySquirrel

    anyone use the Sidi Crossfire SRS Boots?

    My last 3 pairs of boots were Tech 10, then SG12 then Sidi SRS. Tech10 feel relatively heavy, but do offer awesome protection and support - hard wearing generally. Like the booties too. SG12 very comfortable for my wide feet, feel light - left foot sole wears out very fast, very good feel on the gear lever. I could not find anyone to re-sole these for me here in UAE, after a long search and very expensive purchase of replacement soles. So in frustration i decided to spring for a new set of SRS - driven mainly by the convenience of being able to re-sole these myself. SRS feel the lightest, a little tight in the toe area compared to SG12. Very good feel on the gear shifter. Funny thing with these boots, the protective plastic shield on the inner ankle side seems to push the boot out wide on the pegs, and it feels like the boots are always about to slip off the pegs. Inspecting the soles shows that the foot pressure is only on half the width of the sole. Anyone else notice this problem? Its kind of distracting...
  8. LuckySquirrel

    suggestion for my husaberg 450fx

    The only thing you really need on your list is the radiator protection. Stock suspension should work perfectly for you, just play around with the clickers to suit your riding terrain. I fitted the FMX 4.1 and enjoyed a more snappy response. I wouldnt worry about the map switch or any of the other stuff you listed - just adds weight without any real benefit. All looks good and costs you money. I spoilt myself and fit a Rekluse auto clutch - loving it! Rather spend your money on that, which will definitely add to your riding pleasure. You've bought yourself a very high quality machine - just go out and ride it.
  9. LuckySquirrel

    godspeed nathan woods

    One of the greats. RIP Nate. Taken from us too soon.
  10. LuckySquirrel

    What GPS do you use?

    I used my trusty Garmin 201 for the past 5 years, but then the battery died on me. I figured it was time for an upgrade, so I bought the Garmin Edge 605. Seems to have very good battery life and I like the fact that it has maps which you can use to reference your position when you are in the middle of the desert. I mount it on the bars using the 2 zip ties supplied. Easy to read and seems largely out of the way of harm. May be a little exposed to being roosted by flying rocks and mud? I use the zip tie mounts assuming that in the event of a big crash, the mounting will break off rather than my unit being destroyed, on impact? No 100% safe way of mounting these things so they are completely out of harms way.
  11. LuckySquirrel

    Husaberg FE450 or FX450 or KTM 300XC

    Go for the FX450 - you will never look back
  12. I reckon Husaberg and the pant manufacturers have got something going on! Everyone has burned a hole in their pants! You haven't even been out on the trail yet
  13. Any modern 4-stroke compared to your '03 DRZ will feel great. As you can gather, there are some very happy berg owners here, me included!