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  1. Trailryder42

    Stator rewind problem

    Stator posts are all pretty much wound the same. You start with one, leaving a long piece of wire free at the beginning for connecting to, wind one post clockwise, then cross over to the next post and wind counter clockwise, and so on. Count the number of wraps of old wire the posts have on them and go back with at least the same amount. Take a picture of how yours looks and how the wiring is connected before you tear it apart. Back when I rewound my old XRs stator, there was no such thing as Youtube. I used this to help me. https://4strokes.com/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=140&sid=cc0e3229da2017b2debbea2b409a2837
  2. Trailryder42

    Stator rewind problem

    Search Youtube for how to rewind motorcycle stators. Lot of good stuff there. You'll need new 18 gauge magnet wire.
  3. Trailryder42

    map switch questions

    Back when I was researching putting a map switch on my 300, folks said that the finer your carb/engine is tuned, the more effect you feel in switching maps. Not so much with a poorly/so so tuned engine. For me, It definitely calms things down, as far as wheel spin, in slippery, gravel, leaf covered trail conditions. I agree, you don't need a high dollar switch. I have one similar to this. https://www.amazon.com/Trail-Tech-040-HBS-01-Position-Handlebar/dp/B00JGRAP3K/ref=sr_1_13/145-3027300-1097439?ie=UTF8&qid=1544805916&sr=8-13&keywords=handlebar+mount+switch
  4. Trailryder42

    Chain Rollers xr250 vs. xr400

    What year model? Don't know about the SM model, but the US version bikes have different part numbers for those parts. And the 250 doesn't even have an upper roller mounted on the subframe like the 400 does. The lower roller is not actually a "roller" on the 250. It's more like a slider pad. And the swingarm chain slider, altho they look the same in the parts fiche, numbers are different. You can look these up yourself in almost any online parts fiche. I use RMATV for parts look up.
  5. Trailryder42

    81-82 XR250 forks

    The earliest model I have specs for is '86.
  6. Trailryder42

    Siezed Kicker??

    I'd be talking to your engine builder. Didn't the builder set valve clearances when they put it together? Were you told to check clearances after break-in? Did you adjust them any and by how much were they off, if any?
  7. Trailryder42

    Clutch going back? Or worse??

    So, have you had the case/transmission open before? It popping out of gear or difficultly in changing gears sounds more like problems with the shift fork.
  8. Trailryder42

    Cold weather pudding clutch

    There's more to what can effect that. The clutch pack itself and the type/weight oil your running in the crankcase would also have an effect. I haven't looked at the operating temp specs between mineral oil and DOT4, but is your system "mineral oil only" ?
  9. Trailryder42

    Throttle sticking

    One cable is a push and the other is a pull cable. They both connect to the same throttle drum. If you couldn't physically rotate the throttle to the closed position, I don't think a kink is your problem, unless the cable is also extremely frayed inside the sheath at the kink, and causing it to hang up. I'd be looking at something mechanical with the linkages between carbs, the slides and needles. Disconnect the kinked cable from both ends and work the cable in and out by hand, feeling for inconsistencies and drag. Wouldn't hurt to put a cable luber on both and get some lube into them on a bike that old with original cables. Also, make sure the cables are adjusted properly. There should be almost zero free play in the throttle tube between the pull and push of the cables.
  10. Trailryder42

    XR's Only SS Pipe

    Is your stock SS header damaged? Any replacement header you use, be sure it's not any bigger diameter if you're concerned about keeping your low end torque.
  11. Trailryder42

    XR 400 Lack of low end power

    What is the air filter like? Stock filter over the stock screened frame or some aftermarket piece? What's your elevation? If you're at sea level, that 55 pilot may be too lean. Have you checked the what needle it has in it and it's clip position? Has the piston/rings ever been replaced? Any idea of how much time/miles on it? Do a compression test. Does it still have the stock header? The more you open up the exhaust, the less low end torque you'll have. I don't know about the UK, but that baffle is not a 400s piece, at least in the US.
  12. Trailryder42

    3 required, none listed.

    Just a thought........ Think about a well known engine builder you might send an engine to for a rebuild. Like Thumper Racing or the like. They surely have sources for things like this. Might call and talk to someone. Might stir up some leads.
  13. Trailryder42

    2011 300 exc jetting question

    Well, you're running a pretty lean fuel/oil ratio at 40:1 for a 300. You're just a hair above sea level too. If you want to keep that 40:1 ratio, I'd go up on the pilot jet to at least a 40. But I think you should also richen your fuel/oil ratio to at least 50:1. Is that 1.5 turns out on the AS a random/initial setting or did you tune it to that point for best throttle response off idle? While the engine was being rebuilt, how long did the carb set around and did it have fuel in the float bowl. Have your ruled out a dirty/plugged up carb passages or jets? Check your reeds while you had things apart?
  14. Trailryder42

    remove crappy inspection cover?

    Those caps are pretty thin. Take a punch and hammer and tap the cap along the outside edge in a CCW direction. Wouldn't hurt to try to get some PB Blaster under it too.
  15. Trailryder42

    dumb XR400 Oil check question

    If you put 2 qts back in it at last oil change, you either are leaking it, burning it, or not checking the level per the manual procedure.