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  1. more then welcome to join us, this is my 5th year, my good friend who just got back from over seas, and 2 of my cuz's, if your interested let me know
  2. naur112

    *** are Yamaha thinking????

    if you have the 2010 model, thats the first year the switched the engine around, im sure next year the bike will have these kinks fixed, as far as the spring in the oil filter goes, its a good idea to have it in there, but im guessing they know that most people change to an after market one, witch suplys a new spring. other then the oil all over your garage, how you likeing the bike?
  3. naur112

    Desert 100 *Reminders, tips and advice*

    well i fall into the 130lbs soking wet class. and i just wanted to know if i should stiffen my stock back shock and front forks or just leave them how they come from factory, i have never messed with my WR's, but my YZ250F's i have spent a lot of money on the set up i have now, and i remember just changing the stiffness of what it came with made a world of a diff.
  4. naur112

    Desert 100 *Reminders, tips and advice*

    anyone have tips for suspension? i have a 07 wr450f and the suspension is still the same as from factory, it was fine last year for the d100 but i was just wondering if softer or stiffer is better. thanks
  5. naur112

    Odessa Bike Week

    that is amazingly great, but if you check out the map of where we can ride on the road. it dosnt highlight the road that leads to the camping site. does that mean we have to hall our bikes into town and can ride them around in town from there, then load back up and go back to camp, my main thing is i hate having to lock up the bikes, then unhook my truck to drive to get something. if anyone knows and can show me a link that says we can ride them from the camp into town that would great
  6. naur112

    I have a cool spot in the South Sound area. PM me

    no i do not have a signed piece of paper from the owner, but i have been back there for over 10 years now. and back in 2002 someone started one of the slash piles back there on fire and I lead in the fire department, on a XR100, and same thing happened last summer. in 02 i was told "we like having you dirt bike guys back there incase something like this happens" and last summer i was told pretty much the same thing, turns out last summer it was a mountain biker who lit it. and i also have talked with the owner's in the past and they all have said its ok to ride back there. but if you have a local spot where the fire and police department tells you that they like having you back riding back there AND a piece of paper, or you own the land, then feel free to let me know. i understand what you were trying to convey, but that point, and anymore input concerning the legality of this spot, or any other riding spot YOU have not been to, is irrelevant.
  7. naur112

    I have a cool spot in the South Sound area. PM me

    well, if any of you want to go, im setting up a group to go this weekend, saterday or sunday. pm me if you want to go or email me at naur115@hotmail.com
  8. naur112

    I have a cool spot in the South Sound area. PM me

    dont worry about running out of gas, we had fun and thats all that mattered. and as for all of you who are once again telling me to keep this place to myself, the location isnt listed, ether is the town. so if me saying "a spot in the south sound" is to much, well then i guess saying washington state would be to much, should i just say "i have a cool spot in the USA"? would that make you all happy? and i love how half of the people who say to delete the post, or change it around, want to go out there and ride, so its ok for me to tell you where it is, but not anyone else? good to know,
  9. naur112

    I have a cool spot in the South Sound area. PM me

    i responded to all the emails i got, it may have went to my "spam" box, and i went yesterday with two guys from here, it was a good ride, a few guys flaked out on us but all is good, did about 47 miles after it was all said and done
  10. naur112

    My Bike....finally

    i think im in love.lol. but i would like that set up on my yamaha
  11. naur112

    Odessa's desert 100 riders list and discussion.

    random qustion, but i was just wanting to know from people who have road this before whats your favorite spot on the poker run and the track? if you have more then one say it, mine is when the track comes down to the river on the poker run, and also the random wind mill out there.
  12. naur112

    Odessa's desert 100 riders list and discussion.

    yeah when i say "maybe" for the race, means i may be racing, ether way im riding in it, at least going to do one lap. any one know what a 08 WR450f will do for a tank of gas? im bringing a liter of gas with me, just wondering if that will be enought, it was for my yz250f that i normaly ride.
  13. naur112

    Desert 100 *Reminders, tips and advice*

    [quote The only one's that I've seen & been a ran into are teenage boys...15 or 16. Being a slowbutsteady 47 year old woman, I'm thankful that I can hold my line and know that my bf that always rides behind me will roost the hell out of anybody that messes with me It is alot of fun and usually everyone watches out for the little kiddies im just a little bitter about them cuz my first year going(when i was 14) one of them blocked passed me and made me go down, and then a lil ways down the trail i sow a ktm rider cut off a little kid on a xr70, and the kid went down cuz of it, im sure there ok riders, my main point was that poker run IS a family ride, hold off on the crazy riding tell the race. and a hint for everyone, bring some good super glue. for the bike or you, if you crack a plastic or anything like that. or if you hapen to slice open your hand, leg, ect.. it works vary well to hold the cut hold, helped me prolong having to get stiches and finish my ride. super glue= makeshift stiches
  14. naur112

    Desert 100 *Reminders, tips and advice*

    watch out of the facory ktm riders, they tend to think the poker run is a race and will block pass you, and have no prob throwing rocks at anyone, even kids on lil pw50's, its kinda messed up
  15. naur112

    desert 100 first timer

    the thumbs up went in the wrong spot, it was ment to go after the "have no fear part" ill edit it, sorry, and by good crash i ment the dramatic ones with no injery, or when they mess up going way to fast and get that speed woble, its nuts that they can recover from that(if you have gone and watched it then you know what im talking about)