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  1. I have a dented stock header on my sons 2006 YZ250F. I'm wondering what other year stock headers will fit and work on the 2006? I found an '03 header for sale for $15, and another off an '07. Your feedback is appreciated.
  2. HotRod250F

    '06 YZ 450 vibration on decel

    The motor mounts are torqued, no change in engine sound, and the wrist pin was replaced with the top end. He had it rebuilt by a guy (who is a friend of his) who is a tech at a local Yamaha/Kawasaki/KTM shop... he did the rebuild at home. Could the heavier flywheel have anything to do with it? what about the new timing chain? perhaps something wasn't installed correctly when the top end was rebuilt?
  3. HotRod250F

    '06 YZ 450 vibration on decel

    The motor mounts checked out fine, as did all other nuts/bolts... but I didn't think to check the swing arm pivot.
  4. I recently bought a nice used '06 from the second owner who had the bike for about 6 months... the bike looks to have low hours (hardly any wear anywhere), all stock except FMF slip on and recently installed 6.15 flywheel. The guy I bought from was meticulous with his bikes (this was his "extra" bike - he has a bad ass KTM 350 as his main ride and a couple bikes for his kids) and he recently rebuilt the top end with new cylinder, piston, rings, timing chain, etc. He put an hour meter on after the rebuild which read just over 4 hours. He said the valve train was still in great shape, valves never out of spec, etc, so he left them as is. He runs full synthetic in all his bikes, the bike starts first or second kick every time, hot or cold, runs good, crisp response, etc. Here's my question: I took it out for the first time last weekend and noticed a vibration on deceleration. I never noticed this when I test rode at his house. Could this be a bad crank or main bearing? timing chain or tensioner? the heavier flywheel?? or is this normal? I've owned Yamaha four strokes in the past (a couple 426s and a 250F) and have never noticed this type of vibration before, even on my CRF450. It wasn't arm numbing, but just enough to be noticeable. I put about 6 hours on it last weekend in the desert and it ran fine. I checked the engine mounts and all other nuts/bolts and every thing was good. I'm worried now that I bought a lemon Does anyone have any insight on what this could be?? help!
  5. How do these year YZF's compare to '06-'08 CRF450's as far as power and handling? Just curious.
  6. I prefer low end grunt and a strong mid,so the '06 might be the ticket. What about handling and suspension on the'06? And reliability? I've had several 426's and 250Fs and they were bulletproof, are the newer YZFs the same?
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. So if I understand correctly, the power was mellowed out after '06? does it get progressively mellower with each new model year? what about suspension and handling? I'd love to hear from guys who've had an '06 and then '08, '09, etc?
  8. Ok, I'm contemplating going back to Yamaha after a two year stint on a CRF450. Nothing against the Honda, just that I bleed blue, born and raised on Yamaha's and I want to go back. I'm looking at '06 to '09 YZ450s. I'd like to hear from all of you who have owned any of these models and give me an honest comparison, which year do you prefer for best power, suspension, handling, etc. I know alot of you will say, "the '09 is the newest so its the best", but newer model year doesn't always necessarily mean better. Looking for some honest, real world feedback. Oh yeah, I ride 50% MX, 50% So Cal desert.
  9. HotRod250F

    '06-'09 YZ 450 - differences?

    Thanks for the replies. So '06 had strong motor but questionable cornering, '07 mellow motor, '08-'09 are preferred. Anyone else have experience with these models and have helpful insight? thanks
  10. I'm looking to upgrade from my '04 CRF450, and go back to Yamaha! What are the differences between the years referenced, which one is preferred, best motor, suspension, handling, etc? I'm looking for a clean, low hour unit, for 50/50 MX and desert.
  11. HotRod250F

    Best Carmichael pic?

    Does anyone remember that Fox ad from 2000 (I think) with RC dragging the bars on his KX250 through a berm? I can't find it anywhere, but THAT is one of the best RC pics of all time.
  12. HotRod250F

    Washougal WA racers, Few Questions. "Kyle Lewis'

    If it was a MotoXXX bike from that era with a #20, it was probably Damon Huffman's.
  13. HotRod250F

    '06 vs. '07 vs. '08?

    Thanks for the replies guys. Is the '07 power significantly different than the other years? How does the power of the '06-'08 compare to the '04? My '04 is bone stock. Does anyone think giving up the '04 for an '06-'08 is worth it?
  14. HotRod250F

    '06 vs. '07 vs. '08?

    So I'm thinking of upgrading from my '04 and was wondering what the major differences are between these years? which one is preferred as far as suspension, handling, reliability, delivery of power, etc? or does anyone think I should just stick with my trusty '04? any insight/info would be helpful, thanks in advance.
  15. HotRod250F

    Suzuki LT 50 carb issues

    My sons '04 LT 50 has always been a little cold blooded, but once started and warmed up, it would run fine all day. After sitting for nearly 6 months, it wouldn't start, so I drained the gas tank, pulled the carb, cleaned it thoroughly with carb cleaner and blew out all the orifices, put fresh gas, plug, and air filter. It now starts (after 7-8 tries), but won't run without the choke on, and even then, it sputters and dies once you stop (?). It will sometimes start with the choke off, but once my son starts to take off, it sputters and dies. When I pin it with the choke on, then turn the choke off, it will run while pinned, but once you let off it sputters and dies. It also cuts out and dies when you turn (?). I yanked the carb again, cleaned it a second time, took apart the fuel valve and cleaned that, checked all the wiring connections (which were ok), pulled one of the stacked pilot jets, and still the same thing. I've played with the air screw and idle, but no adjustment makes any difference. The only way he can ride it is with the choke ON and pinned, he can't stop or else it dies. Even when turning it hesitates and sometimes dies. I'm frustrated and perplexed :thumbsup: Anyone have any insight or suggestions?? BTW, its unrestricted, and used to run fine (albeit, slow as a dog). HELP!!