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  1. That's what I'm saying. He won't play it smart. He thinks he's RC......he's not even close.
  2. Fade to 3rd? 99% on here didn't think he could get a top 10 Moto finish. He's proving everybody WRONG. Scars, pain and all.
  3. I don't know who said that but I can tell you who didn't...... Me.
  4. He's prone to crashing in SX, which is why I already bet AND won @redrider144 in SX. He's NOT prone to crashes in MX, he's much smoother and smarter outdoors. He has 2 AMA Nationals titles dude. He doesn't get raddled.
  5. I NEVER said he was. I said he's smarter.
  6. Uh....yeah, I know. I also know KRoc wasn't there last season. And he's just starting to get half way there now. After the break, after Colorado, expect MORE from K-Rex.
  7. Well..... You shoulda excepted my bet then huh? But SOMETHING kept you from doing it. 2015 maybe?
  8. Yes he is. He's a very fast racer, just not a smart one.
  9. Yup. He's getting stronger. Bad, bad news for everyone else. Tomac better run for all the points he can gather right now.
  10. I'm not saying it wasn't impressive. I'm saying......2015. I know how this story ends. Seen the movie already.
  11. He will..... He's ridding handicapped, gave Tomac fits in Moto 1 and came from last to 8th in Moto 2. I'd bet you, but I already got one sweet ass custom from you in SX.
  12. Here..... Irish in the houuuuuuuse!
  13. I'm right here.... Am I the only one having dejavu of 2015 Tomac? The Tomac that no matter what has to just dominate every moto..... Until it backfires and he's carted off to the emergency room.
  14. When KRoc has his strength back, he gonna tear Tomac apart from the inside out. Both in speed and emotionally.
  15. If it takes the "almighty" Tomac more than half a Moto to pass a cripple, what happens when the cripple isn't a cripple anymore?...... Tomac goes back to not being the man. That's what.