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  1. At his age, AC is unbelievable! He won't let the young buck have it that easy. It's a long season.
  2. Decent at least. Lost points to you though. I made the mistake of swapping Anderson and Musquin finishing positions.
  3. I only bet merchandise now. That way I know my wife doesn't spend it on shoes.
  4. Oh daaaammmmn.
  5. Hahaha..... I dropped a line in the water and went to bed. Look at all this! You guys are all nuts!
  6. Anderson..... Lucky Elis zipper came undone and his sausage flopped out. Pick it up JA.....
  7. Take it like a boss. Leave no "what ifs". That's all im sayen. Anderson got POUNCED.
  8. &%$#@! no, im lucky to make a main!
  9. Thats a rather shallow championship should he win it. What ever happened to "I'm a racer"? Nobody will respect him for coasting it in. Not me.....
  10. Anderson...... Stop riding like a C_u_n_t You'll get a hashtag bitch. ride it like you stole it &%$#@!!
  11. I saw it. Where were you? Pooping or spanking the monkey?
  12. 28 (I believe, but who's counting)? Makes my point. Seasoned.
  13. Did what? Dungey got by Reed. Fork stuck a fork in the soil.
  14. Thank you. I'm here all night.
  15. A CHAMPION would have seen that. Austria on top again. Bye, Bye Jap MOFOs.