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  1. Mongo134

    Budds Creek Bench racing

    Are you saying Kenny lied? He said he'd been sick all week and hit the wall in moto2. I'm gonna have to have a talk with him! #Blitzkrieg_2019
  2. Mongo134

    Budds Creek Bench racing

    It will be the most epic comeback in the history of the sport. 4-5 months of off season, he'll come back even stronger and faster barring any damn injuries. I've claimed my spot and starting the sack swing early. WEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
  3. Mongo134

    Saturday Ride

  4. Mongo134

    Budds Creek Bench racing

    Yesterday in one of my fantasy leagues, I took RJ Hampshire to land on the podium. And the &%$#@!er won!
  5. Mongo134

    Budds Creek Bench racing

    BAHA already took the bet. That way he can hand me the $$ in person. Hey..... I gotta go with my gut feeling. 2019 Champ!
  6. Mongo134

    Budds Creek Bench racing

    Why? Am I the Moose excuse giver? Tomac is doing NOTHING by keeping KRocs #1 plate warm for him. Care to bet some $$$$.?
  7. Mongo134

    Budds Creek Bench racing

    $100 dollars he beats Tomac in either SX or MX 2019.,...... OK wait..... Make that $50 because your a friend. $50
  8. Mongo134

    Budds Creek Bench racing

    There are doubters in here for KRoc come back. I'm taking bet offers NOW for tje 2019 season. Who has balls???
  9. Mongo134

    Budds Creek Bench racing

    KRoc..... 2019 CHAMP as I already stated. The "cripple" just made Tomac and Moose his BITCH..... AND HE AIN'T 100%!!!!!
  10. Mongo134

    Budds Creek Bench racing

    Whats the deal between Anderson and Baggett? I didn't know there was bad blood there????
  11. Mongo134

    Budds Creek Bench racing

    I was out last weekend getting punished on the bike. Gnarly extreme shit. But I'm back for Budds Creek. Lets do some couch racing!!!
  12. Mongo134

    Chad Reed 2018 AMA Pro MX

    Red must have been drunk. Reed wasn't in qualifying practice this morning. Such an off the wall bet, I didn't know what to think.
  13. Mongo134

    Read and weep

    I get 76.... Suck it! But I normally cash them out.
  14. Mongo134

    Read and weep

    Together the UK and the U.S.A. could rule the world just on sheer force alone. Think about it..... A true unification, &%$#@! everyone else! PS...... I've been drinking American lager, but I stand by these words.