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  1. Hi, i bought the RS3 can from ebay used for 102pounds. but there in and another which in the emblem says rs3 stainless. witch is better guys?
  2. hello to everyone, soon i will purchase a front fork from a duke. i will put it in a yamaha xt550 (yes you read correct ). How many W should be the fork oil and what setup must i do to service it correctly to fit in yamaha's standards? xt550 is a lot heavy from the duke II and also i am 105 kilos-230 pounds/
  3. DT200LC

    82 yamaha xt 550, guru needed

    the tank always did not send oil or suddenly happened?
  4. DT200LC

    XLR 250 BAJA, Sparkplug?

    absolutely the same
  5. DT200LC

    Honda XLR?

    i remember this red light on the clocks. i owned this bike for a couple of years. VERY VERY VERY VERY reliable. every 1000-2000klm change the oil and the oil filter and its ok. good front and rear disc brakes and the baja twin lights are very good for enduro or for night ride too. i wish i had this bike again...now it is in Bulgaria sold to a guy for 550euros (bought from an old man for 300euros )
  6. DT200LC

    Dt 200

    i own a dt200 87' it is the same with 84'-88' models. the 90s dt engine is completely different with the 80s engine. i have many parts for sale if you want from the dt200
  7. Hi, i own a dt200lc 1987 model frame code 37F and sell it for parts. Parts i have are: -painted with electrostatic method black frame -wheels -front brake pump -3 seats (red-blue-grey) -2 gas tanks painted -some plastics -rear suspension -triple clamp with top yoke too -rear swing-arm -a couple of 28mm round slide Mikunis -the engine head and others that i don't remember right now... i DON'T have the engine and the front fork the parts are here in Greece but i can send them everywhere in the world.if the shipping is high we can talk about the money for sure...
  8. DT200LC

    1983 Yamaha XT550... any good?

    fist of all put usd forks with disc brake from yz250...it is easy and cheap also for a xt600 89' fork for the rear brake, add a wheel from xt600 89' and the system for the rear brake too cheers
  9. DT200LC

    Yamaha xt550

    Carbs restriction for sure check jet,needle,air filter,air/fuel mixture and the throttle side CHECK THE CARBS FIRST
  10. DT200LC

    Yamaha xt550

    Carbs restriction for sure check jet,needle,air filter,air/fuel mixture and the throttle side CHECK THE CARBS FIRST
  11. DT200LC

    Yamaha xt 550 BIG BORE,,

    try some dynojet kit first for big bore do it 600-610cc with stock cylinder bored 95-96mm and a Wossner/JE/Wiseco piston
  12. DT200LC

    82 XT550, engine and rebuild options?

    -the biggest displacement that can a xt550-600 is 686 with wiseco piston -stock xt550 cylinder can be bored to 605-610cc 95.9mm for more CC than 610 you must add a xt600 cylinder DON'T put TTR-XT600 head because xt550 has the bigger valves -a good xt550 engine can rich 70hp 686cc-fcr35x2-carillo rod-titanium valves and springs and drivers... -i think this problem is fixable and cheap -ALL xt600 years can be added to the 550 frame, even a xtx660cc.
  13. DT200LC

    xt 550 rebuilt - How Greeks do that ;-)

    the parts i have bought right now are: -xt600 00' front forks -excel takasago black SuperMoto rims 17" -new yamaha cylinder bored 95.5mm -new yamaha xt600 piston -light used gearbox in excellent condition -fatbar handlebar and maybe i will put the original one -inox headers from TT600 -Yoshimura RS3 can (oh yes baby ) -rear fender from XT600 89' model -JT 15-39 sprockets with RK 520 oring chain -light used clocks -Athena full gasket set + engine seals -TT600 84' camshaft (more power ) -new camshaft sprocket and cam chain D.I.D -rear Brembo pump from TT600R (i must find and the rear brembo caliper) -Koyo (japan) full set of engine bearings and here are a couple of parts i think to buy: -new connecting rod -used front WP forks from KTM250 04'
  14. DT200LC

    xt 550 rebuilt - How Greeks do that ;-)

    and some pics from the engine stripped:
  15. Hello to everyone here. My name is Mario i am 21 years old and i am from Greece. I own a Yamaha XT550 1982 model fresh painted black and i am on the process of rebuilt these days. the bike right now is: and the bike stripped and ready for rebuilt: