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  1. The Kenda dot tires I had on my ktm started chunking after only a couple hundred miles. I've ran Scorpion Pro tires now probably 600 miles and they still look almost brand new. They suck on the highway, but in the dirt they friggin rock.
  2. joelberg

    your first wheelie

    Mine was on a 1978 Kawasaki KV75. First time riding a motorcycle. 12 years old. I had the motor revved up in 1st gear and slammed it into 2nd gear pinned (centrifugal clutch) and busted a monster 90 degree wheelie. I knew then exactly how much I loved motorcycles. I was already very proficient at mtn biking so I didn't eat it, I barely saved it. But the adrenaline flush I got started me on my addiction to the naturally produced drug. Ever since then I've been an adrenaline junky.
  3. My triangle stand just broke too. The tab that fits into the axle just snapped off one day. Luckily I recently invested in some Harbor Freight lift stands for less than I paid for the POS Excel triangle stand lmao.
  4. joelberg

    Is the CA DMV getting better ?

    I've had the same experience. I much prefer going to AAA than to a local DMV, but sometimes AAA can't do what you need for you.
  5. joelberg

    Corral Canyon Camping

    I've camped at Corral a couple times, plenty of shade, bathrooms, but last time I was there the potable water was turned off, so make sure to bring your own. I grew up riding Gorman, and personally I think the riding at Corral is better, but Gorman has a lot more area and access to the National Forest. The single track at Corral is great, and honestly it never seemed that busy to me.
  6. joelberg

    Frustrated Jumping! Help Please!

    Have you tried RPMX near Golden Acorn (east of San Diego)? Last time I was there one of the tracks was really sandy, and the other was really tough hardpack.
  7. joelberg

    Hill Climbing Challenge !!!!!

    I recently did this hill on my 1988 KTM 500 MX. It's known as the Widowmaker at Jawbone Canyon. It was cake on the big bore smoker, but definitely intimidating from the bottom. I don't have a fancy helmet cam though so the video is just from someone else who did it. Wish I could find some video of the climbs we were doing on the other side of the canyon though, there was one that none of us seemed to be able to make it up, except one guy.
  8. The DRZ400 is a great bike, but not for this application. I commute 25 miles each way every day... on my 1000cc sport touring bike. I'd do the commute without worry in a pinch on the DRZ, but I'd definitely prefer not to. For that kind of riding a 600 would be the minimum size bike I'd even think about, unless it was say a Ninja 250 or Ninja 500 we were talking about. For you, why don't you pick up a used 600 for 2 grand, or even a used Ninja 250 for 1200 bucks and call it a day. Also, reconsider riding on the freeway. It's way safer than taking the surface streets. On the freeway there's no oncoming traffic, nobody turning left across the street from you, everyone is headed in the same direction at approximately the same speed, the only thing you need to look out for are crazy lane changers, and while there are some of those, for the most part I feel way safer riding the freeway portion of my commute on my liter bike every day than I do on the street portion of it.
  9. joelberg

    Bike Names?

    "Beast" or "Stupid M-Fing POS!" or "Fat ass" (she's very light weight though, just extremely wide), or "Holy Shit!" depending on the mood and type of riding I'm doing, or "Fat, Ugly, Overweight Pig" (the street bike)
  10. joelberg

    Best motorcycle movie ever?

    great film! My favorite is On Any Sunday
  11. joelberg

    Plush WP forks

    I rode this bike too, and to be fair, I'm not exactly a pro MX rider. But what he says was true and I felt the same things he's talking about. The braking bumps were literally kicking the bike all over. Something that wasn't even happening when I was playing around on a CR85 big wheel with stock suspension.It felt like the initial part of the stroke on these forks was super stiff, but once you got into the mid stroke they would feel pretty decent. It was extremely hard to make some of these turns at a reasonable pace just because the forks would bounce you up and over the braking bumps and you couldn't keep the front end solidly on the ground. Whatever FC did to the forks, it doesn't work. I've ridden stock bikes of similar years that felt way better.
  12. joelberg

    Tips to not suck on the first xc

    Hydrate! Bring a camelpak. Pace yourself. You don't want to burn yourself out on the very first leg and then have no juice left to finish the race. You also don't want to go too slow in the beginning and get too far behind to catch up when you need to push it near the end. How long is the race you're planning on entering? Have you ever ridden that distance on a fun ride day before?
  13. joelberg

    Lowest Tubliss Pressure that makes sence

    But you get a pinch flat instead
  14. joelberg

    Newbie Yamaha YZ400F help

    Just don't flood it! Then you'll really be hating yourself for buying a 4 stroke!
  15. joelberg

    Plush WP forks

    thanks man !