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  1. nice pics, what camera are you using a digital slr?
  2. heres my cheap homemade helmet cam setup. my helmet and camera are two different sizes, so to fix this i cut two bolts and put a nut in the middle and welded them together. i put a bicycle inter-tube as a rubber washer to prevent the helmet from any damage. you can mount the camera at any hole in the helmet for different angles. hope this helps
  3. i planed on riding every day of my spring break also, so far i have ridden Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Today(weather could not ride) tomorrow and Monday i hope, not every day but pretty close. hope you are able to ride your remaining days safely
  4. i wish i had one to work on my track with. and that much land
  5. has to be photo-shopped why would you spray only a little spray paint on the middle of the wood.
  6. he said 5mph to the top speed, not hp but that would be sweet if he did gain 5hp with that.
  7. these are all directly from the listed ad on craigslist. a 2000 CR125 that runs good. Has new clutches,skidplate,full fmf exhaust,aftermarket triple clamps,big bars,and new brakes. for 1300 a 1999 yz125 for sale. Looking to get between 800 to 900 for it. Just put a new top end in, only a few hours on it. listed price $ 2001 RM 125 Mostly stock RM 125 Recent items added, left side Radiator, new black plastic, Bars, Grips and clutch and brake levers. listed price $1000 or a a 2002 ktm 125sx for sale. Clean bike never raced always taken care of kept in a basement for the winters. Many upgrades to bike including exhaust, sprockets, chain, handle bars. seat, gas cap, and graphics. listed price $1200 what do you think this is for my dad and im not sure which bike is best for him, hes 5'10 about 170 pounds, not going to ride mx just trails but he wants a mx bike. thanks
  8. thanks found what i was looking for
  9. i think Valintino Rossi turned it down because he was able to see how dangerous flattrack racing is, there was a accident that night, where a guy lunched off of his bike and hit the paved road below, breaking his hip. crash- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAz56RjXwB0&feature=related kenny roberts-
  10. get a 125, you will regret not getting a bigger bike next summer. I bought a kx100 a few years ago, and 6hours of ride time later i bought a 250, and felt in place, less cramped over the jumps, and through the trails. You don't have to listen to me, but listen to this forum they do know what they are talking about.
  11. i was there that thing was so fast, i forgot what motogp rider jumped on it, but i believe it was a 250 rider, correct me if im wrong
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