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  1. caffd01

    Minnesota Series

    For the 2007 footage I used a HelmetCamera.com camera with an old Sony Handycam. The camera worked fine, but the connections were cumbersome and the camcorder was big. I encased the camera in foam and carried it inside a tupperware bagel container. I had a big fanny pack to wear while riding. The 2008 vids were captured by an Archos 504 DVR with the Archos helmetcam. It is much smaller and easier to use. I think the video quality is similar. It is much easier to get the vids to the comptuer too. Just hook up the DVR to a computer and copy the file. With my old camcorder, I had to use a Dazzle drive to capture the footage to my PC. Quality was lost in the translation. Come on out to the races next month and you can check out the video setup. I could even bring my old setup if you want to get an idea how it worked.
  2. caffd01

    Minnesota Series

    Delano Sports Center is running a series at the Stockholm Karting Center in Cokato. (I'm not affiliated with either) There are classes for pretty much any bike you bring. Schedule and more info on DSC's site. DelanoSports.com Click on Supermoto MN link on left Nav. I'm definitely not one of the fast guys, but I have tons of fun! Here are a couple of my helmet cam links. July 2007 Race Day: June 2008 Practice Day: http://youtube.com/watch?v=bNFvPr_SCVI Don
  3. caffd01

    Thinking about New seat cover

    Hmmm. I can't seem to insert an image. Email me at caffd01@charter.net and I will reply with a picture. Don
  4. caffd01

    Thinking about New seat cover

    Hey Ranger - I just put a XR600 CEET Seat cover in the Honda Parts For Sale section. I guess I should have checked here first. It is red with black front/sides and white 600R on the sides. Email me at caffd01@charter.net for a pic. Later Don
  5. caffd01

    Knee injury/Carb. adj.

    I dislocated my knee cap and tore some cartilage at the end of July. Had surgery to remove floating cartilage and tighten the ligament holding kneecap in place. I bought a set of used Asterisks off eBay and did a couple Hare Scrambles in October. Pain was no problem but the leg was so weak, I couldn't hold myself up if I started to fall. I bet I went down 6 or 8 times on slow right hand turns the first race. This winter will be weight training to get strength back. Good Luck
  6. caffd01

    Bike will not stay running!

    Supafreak - Did you get the bike running? Ga426 - How will the disconnected hot start cause the bike to run bad? I assumed it just would not allow the use of the hot start lever.
  7. caffd01

    Bike will not stay running!

    Try draining the carb and then restarting. My '03 has a similar problem where if I'm idling or going very slow the engine will die. But if I'm on the gas hard I have no problems. Could be a float level issue? I'd think the jets and carb kits are at you local dealer. Good luck.
  8. caffd01

    anyone have a stock 03-05 450f muffler

    Possibly. I'm waiting on delivery of a WR450 muffler to quiet my YZ450 down for supermoto racing(98db limit here). If it works out, I'll give you a shout.
  9. Here in Minnesota, I picked up an '03 YZ450F last month for $2400. It had basic upgrades(Renthal Twinwalls, Tag risers, Gripper Ceet, couple other things I'm forgetting). I thought it was a decent deal. I see most local '03 & '04 bikes in the $2900 - 3500 range. So far it has been a solid bike.
  10. caffd01

    Rekluse Noise and Clutch Slip

    Thanks for the info guys. I'm wondering if it has to do with the clutch cable. I'll check the installed gap with the lever and cable connected when I have some time. Don - I think bigdrtrdr wore a spot on the underside of the top plate. Do a search on "Rekluse long term report" to find his post.
  11. caffd01

    Rekluse Noise and Clutch Slip

    Thanks Eric, I measured the friction plates in several different places and they are all within spec. Are you doing tight woods / technical type riding? What stall speed and engagement rate are you running? What type of wear did you see on your Rekluse pressure plate? Don
  12. Hi guys, I have a Rekluse / clutch question First the details - 03 WR450 w/ Rekluse with Perch Adjuster. 5 Tungsten balls. Using Rotella T oil. I purchased the bike used and this is my first real ride with it. I bought a used Rekluse and installed it a few weeks ago. Installed gap and clutch lever free play were both within spec. I have it set up for hare scrambles - low stall speed and faster engagement rate. Tested a couple 5 minute outings on gravel road, ditches and plowed field. Engagement was good. Rechecked gap and it was ok. Had 1st hare scramble last weekend and everything was great for first 45 minutes. Then clutch seemed to slip and screech when speeding up from a crawl or stop. Once I was up to speed, slipping and screech went away. I didn't push the bike too hard the rest of the race. I took a look at the Rekluse today and the installed gap was waaay too much. Friction and drive plates seem to be ok. Although the bottom drive plate was pretty blue. (Not sure if it was like that before?) The clutch basket has very minimal wear ridges. I can barely feel it with fingers. Plates move freely. So now my questions: - How do I know if the friction plates should be replaced? They don't appear to be abused. Not sure how old they are. - Anyone know what the high pitch screeching would be? Yeah, I know it's had to diagnose a sound w/o hearing it. - The trails in the race were not super tight. Should I run a higher stall speed and slower engagement rate? That is what is suggested for MX. - Can I adjust clutch engagement (like a normal clutch) using the stock lever adjuster wheel? Thanks in advance Don
  13. caffd01

    WR black plastic

    I have an '03 WR450 with black YZ450 side panels. They were on the bike when I bought it used. Looks like the guy had to do a little mod on the left side by drilling a new bottom hole. It doesn't fit absolutely perfect, but you wouldn't notice it if you didn't specifically look for it.
  14. caffd01

    will an 03 rekluse work in my 98?

    Hey Racejmac, I'm looking for a Rekluse for my 03 WR450. If you can't use the one you have a line on, any chance you could put me in contact with the seller? Thanks Don
  15. caffd01

    *Attention YZ400 owners!*

    I have a 99 YZ400F that I use for trail rides and hare scrambles. Only problem I had was with the clutch. I went through 2 sets of plates in 3 races. It was probably my fault. The inner hub was notched a little, which caused the plates to hang. I should have replaced it with the first set of plates. Motor and everything else has been rock solid. Make sure oil has been changed frequently and normal maint has been performed. What is the guy asking for the bike? (If you don't mind me asking.) Good Luck Don