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  1. Hey all! Well, I finally got my old XL350 flat track to start. This thing has a crazy cam setup, big bore, etc. and runs like a monster once I can get it going. The problem is, there's no way this thing will kick start. I've started all manner of old bikes with a kickstarter but this thing just has too much compression. I ended up getting it to start by push starting it downhill for a longgggg ways (I'm talking about 200 yards). I think, at this point, it's pretty clear I need a starter for it. I've seen two styles, a "box" that you roll the bike onto and spins the rear tire and a little motor that seems like it attaches to the stator to spin the motor that way. Either way, I can't find any concrete places to buy them! Does anyone have any thoughts on which style to go with, and where to find them??
  2. Thanks death inc! Okay, here are photos for clarification This shows the rats nest hack job someone did (which could be the problem.) 1 goes to the coil, 2 goes to the points, and 3 goes to the alternator. Then there’s the wires from the kill switch (green is grounded on frame near coil, red goes to the rats nest.) Here is where the wire from the rats nest leads to on the coil.
  3. Hey all! I acquired this Cheney-framed flat tracker a few years back and tried to get the bike running unsuccessfully. I rebuilt the carb and got a spark, but it seemed weak so I figured it was an electrical issue. Life got in the way and it became my prized garage decoration. I’m now back trying to get the bike running again and I’m starting with the mess of an “electrical system.” It’s very basic (see image below) but I just can’t tell if it’s even going to work. I’ve worked on plenty of 70s Honda electrical systems but of course this one is simplified so no diagrams really help. Any thoughts if the below system at least SHOULD work? The “?” Is presumably the alternator, though I haven’t gone into the engine to confirm that’s where the wire going in is attached. And picture of the bike for fun.
  4. Anyone doing "burnouts," donuts, fast riding, or wheelies (or attempts at wheelies) in the parking lot/staging area.
  5. Howdy all! I've been riding for 20+ years but this last weekend I finally pulled the trigger on entering an Enduro. Unfortunately I got a flat front tire by mile 3 and after the gas at Mile 18, I finally decided racing with a flat front wasn't worth it for either me or my bike. A disappointing experience, but it was fun enough to encourage me to keep going for it. I was struggling to try to figure out how the rules work and definitely didn't get it sorted...though I got the gist. One big question though: are individual timed sections cumulative or individual? What I mean by that is: if I come into the first section at 14 minutes instead of 12, should I aim to come in at 15 minutes rather than the target 17 minutes at the next section? Would that get me to "zero" points on check 2, or would I come it at 7 points because I was 2 minutes early for THAT section? Sorry, hopefully that makes sense.
  6. Howdy all! I've been digging around online without much luck, can anyone confirm the dimensions of a 2006 Weekend Warrior FS2300? I found the length at 27' and the width at 8', but can't confirm that anywhere. I also can't find the height. I am looking to figure out what size metal carport to buy so that I can provide some protection from the elements. The previous owner had it in a metal building and I can't stand the idea that it will start to fall to pieces under my care. Thanks! Chris
  7. Sorry to be a bother, but any chance you got a moment to take the photos? I found a welder buddy who is open to helping me out...
  8. Thank you all very much for the insights! For the Gas container, do you mean a C.A.R.B. approved container like this? Those definitely are a giant pain in the ass!
  9. Perfect gents, just what I needed to know. Thank you!
  10. Howdy all! This will be my first season racing with District 36 (stoked!) and wanted to know if there were some things I should know/prep for ahead of time? A bit of background: I started riding at 10 (now 30) so am a fairly competent rider, I just haven't done much competition. I grew up riding Hollister, Carnegie, and Metcalf before getting a bit more time to get out and explore places like Stonyford. I've raced a few HHORA events (6 hours of Hollister twice, including one Ironman where I finished 4th) but that's about it. This season I hope to run the full 8 events for Enduro, as well as a few Hare Scrambles (planning to attend Phantom Hare Scrambles in Hollister this month). Some questions that come to mind: 1. I see mention of a transponder needed for the Phantom HS, is that something I can get at the race? 2. I have put myself in the C-Vet class. My only real gauge for this was looking at Youtube footage from past races, so hoping this is the correct placement for me? 3. I've been trying to research the enduros without much luck and am trying to figure out how far I will need to be able to go between refuels? 4. On that note, what are the rules around refueling? Where/how? 5. Number plate: I just received my D-36 card last week and am trying to request a new number to match my long-time number I've been running. Provided I can't make that change happen before the first events, are there any temporary ways I can show the currently assigned number? Anything else I should know? Thanks so much for your time!
  11. Wow! I should probably run my generator more! Haha. I have the Onan Generator it came stock with, which seems relatively quiet. I ran it from 8-10 (once I felt most people in the camp area were up) and then again from about 6-9. I can't stand the generators that run 24/7...especially out in some of the remote places we camp. Last time I was out at Lett's Lake some dude ran his massive external generator all day, even when he was out of camp. When he finally turned it off around 10 PM, the entire campsite started cheering. The next day someone snuck into his camp around 9 and shut it off. Haha.
  12. Hollister is going to be your best bet, in my opinion. Unless next week's rain is as bad as it's been this week so far, most everything SHOULD be open and it should be great dirt. Renz and lower ranch closes sometimes but the upper ranch area is decomposed granite and you can get some fun loops in. It's an easyish drive but 1.5 hours WITHOUT traffic. Be sure to head down early as the traffic down to Monterey can get pretty nuts.
  13. 04crf250


    That's the big if though, ain't it? And sorry, but equating what a group of boars will do (which I don't disagree and it's why I hunt them) to what a dude on a clapped YZ250 spewing oil and trying to see if he can "drift" will do is quite a bit of a false equivalency. You can't tell me that you don't see how destroyed some of these high-traffic trails get. P.S. if I really wanted to put on my hippie hat I would point out that boar are an invasive species and so technically it was humans who brought those bastards around
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