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  1. squad56

    07 Crf450r Or 07 Yz450f

    the yamis are soooo reliable. i have an 04 yz450 and have owned it since new. i just checked the valves on it after 3 years and they were still spot on. and the new ones really do feel like. hope to see ya on a blue thumper!
  2. squad56

    So much power!!!!!!

    wait till you get a pipe on it...shell really fly!!
  3. squad56

    valve problems with the 04 250f?

    thanks for your input...but i think my friend is gonna go with the yz250f
  4. squad56

    valve problems with the 04 250f?

    hi all...i have a friend who is thinking about buying a 2004 kf250f that has about 15 hours on it. i was wondering if this was the first year for the bike and if they had problems with the valves. i vaguely remember hearing something about these particular bikes having valve problems...any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. squad56

    05 YZ450 Large Gas Tank

    Yea...there are a few. Id try IMS. The tank they have is 3.1 gallons and will run ya 225.00 dollars. Im prolly gonna buy this one. And its not too bulky either. good luck.
  6. squad56


    hey all.what affects has this mod had on your bikes and is it worth it?any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  7. BEST LIVING ROOM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. i hope for all our sakes that they do not screw it up once again. however i am lucky enough to have the opportunity to watch it in person. but i still really wanna watch it on tv. so they better not screw up or they just lost themselves a viewer.
  9. squad56

    Clarke 2.8 GAllon / 2005 WR450??????

    i dont know how it is with the clark tank but with the ims i know that the new smog pump had to be removed for it to fit. just something to think about.
  10. squad56

    TT-R230 questions

    my friend has one of these and they are a great trail bike. they have good power gains from the 125 but are heavier than my bike which is an 04 450. overall i liked them and they have an electric start. but however old your son is he might grow out of it quickly and want a 250f. i personally like it better than the honda 230 and the previous 225. its a great starter bike and i would recommend it highly. good luck
  11. squad56

    05 WR450F or 04 WR450F

    they both are great bikes. if you have a choice between the both and they are new though, then it just depends on the price. if you can get the 04 cheaper then do it. other than that you wouldnt really notice a difference between the two.good luck
  12. squad56

    you should see this video

    that was wicked sweet!
  13. squad56

    05 Wr450

    hey chiefs fan, whered ya get the wr?did ya get it from yamaha of cucamonga? and why did you have to order the zipty fuel screw? if you want a better deal on parts go down to montclair yamaha and talk to dusty. he'll hook it up. they are great down there
  14. squad56


    cant say ive had track time but ive ridden it and the new 230 is a really nice bike. i like it alot and it has some good power and seems lighter than the 225