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  1. jn2jhavens

    Handguards for a ttr 90

    You can check out the handguards that I put on my son's bike there are pics in the garage. I made them out of bark busters and UHMW. The lever will not break on his bike anymore. You have to bend them to get them to fit, but once you are done they are strong.
  2. jn2jhavens

    TTR90-E Mods posted

    I finally posted the mods to my sons bike in the garage if anyone is interested.
  3. jn2jhavens

    TTR-90E mods how to post

    Ok, I have finally figured out what was wrong, the batteries were dead in my floppy flashpath card. So if this works right finally here are the pictures of the modified TTR-90E. I discovered that I cannot post them here, but had to put them into the garage. I am totally new to using the garage, so I don't know where to tell you to look, or what to search for. So here goes. I am assuming that you may be able to look it up by my member name, or by the TTR-90 listing for the bike. If this is wrong let me know, but I did go into the garage and I could see the bike. Hope this helps, and if there are any questions just reply to this.
  4. jn2jhavens

    the INFAMOUS airbox mod

    When I bring up the link for your jpg files there is nothing there? And what does check my sig mean. Sorry if it is a stupid question but I don't know what that means or what it is an abbreviation of?
  5. jn2jhavens

    TTR-90E mods how to post

    You don't need to change the stator according to Baja designs. They setup a kick start only bike. Sorry for the delay on the pics I am having difficulty getting a descent shot on to the computer. I will figure it out this weekend and get it posted. The 90 watt stator was for the electric start bike, I forgot to mention that above.
  6. jn2jhavens

    TTR-90E mods how to post

    Sorry guys for not getting the pics online yet but I have been busy. I will try and do it tonight. To answer some of the questions. The headlight is an acerbis headlight. It is the old style with the square light lense and the 55w low beam and a 65w high beam. The TTR has a lighting coil, both the electric start and the kick start. At least that is my understanding, and after speaking with baja designs this is still my understanding. Baja designs did there light hookup on a non-electric start bike. I have also bugged yamaha enough that they finally told me that the lighting coil on the TTR puts out 90 watts. I do not know if it is the same on the non-electric start model, but I do not see any reason that they would not use the same stator on both bikes. Again very sorry for the delay, I will try and do it tonight so you can see what it looks like. If any one is interested I can tell you how we wired it and what other parts I had to purchase to modify the bike.
  7. jn2jhavens

    TTR-90E mods how to post

    Hey Thanks, I will do that tonight when I get home.
  8. jn2jhavens

    TTR-90E mods how to post

    My son and I have done some modifications to his TTR-90E. We have added a headlight, changed the front fender and added handguards. If any one is interested in seeing it I would be glad to post pictures but I am not sure how to do it. I have the digital pictures on my pc but am not sure how to put them on the site. If anyone is interested and knows how to do so, let me know and I will post them. Thanks.
  9. What are the differences between the 02 YZ426 and the WR426 other than the wide ratio transmission?
  10. What are the major differences between these two bikes? I have an opportunity to purchase an '02 YZ426F but do mainly woods riding. Is it easy to add the items to it to match the WR other than the wide ratio tranny?
  11. jn2jhavens

    Lowering a TTR250

    How much did you shave off of the seat?
  12. jn2jhavens

    Lowering a TTR250

    My buddy just bought an 04 TTR250. He can't touch the ground! I am looking for a way to lower it. The dealer told him that if he brings it back in they can lower it 1/2" for him for free, but won't tell him what they are going to do, like it is a secret. Does anyone know what the dealer is going to do so we can do it ourselves. Also are there other things that can be done? How far does the Kouba link lower the bike? How much foam can be shaved off of the seat without ruining the comfort of the ride? Any help would be great.
  13. jn2jhavens

    Why is every one parting out their Cannondale?

    I believe that they may be getting more for the bike in pieces than if it was sold whole. I also believe that there are a lot of individuals that stocked up on all kinds of parts, including extra bikes to make sure that they would have parts once Cannondale started going under. Of course that is just my opinion.
  14. jn2jhavens

    Wanted '02 E440 Seat or just seat base

    I am looking for a seat for the '02 E440 motorcycle. It does not matter if it is complete or not. Please post or send a personal message with the amount the the condition the seat is in. Thanks.
  15. jn2jhavens

    365 or 340 bore kit?

    I already have the carb, header, hotstart, etc.. If I am not going to notice a marked improvement in power then I may go for the 365 kit. I am only worried about the maintenance of the bike. Do I need to worry about rebuilds every year, and more vibration or not. This is what I am mainly worried about. I do not race, I only ride in the woods, but would like more power for the hill climbs and stuff like that. What do you think?