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  1. shortyr6

    Cylinder scoring after 2 hrs?

    i would stick with the k.i.s. (keep it simple) method. -did you check your piston to cylinder wall clearance and ring gap? -did you have a clean air filter that was seated correctly and the boot tightened down? - was the piston in correctly with the arrow to the exhaust? - i will not comment about the 2 stroke mix, since i am a fan of leaving the oil injection on the bike. i have an extra cylinder if you want to pm me your address. i will send it out. we used to replace the cylinder, piston and rings all as a unit when we were racing. the bike is long gone, but i believe i ran into a PW cylinder in the garage the other day.
  2. shortyr6

    pwonly.com piston kits

    I see it this way. if you are racing, you should get set up with a local shop that will give you a racer support discount. this discount will get you quality parts for the same price as any knock off part. when we were racing the PW, we replaced the cylinder, pistons, and rings all in one shot. then again, we were trying to stay at the front of the pack and be competetive. I dont skimp on products we race with.
  3. shortyr6

    pwonly.com piston kits

    you cant go wrong with OEM. that is what we replaced all of ours with.
  4. shortyr6

    Are PW50's really this friggin slow?

    this is where it all begins. next thing you know he will be doing stuff you could not even imagined. it all goes by so fast. i cant believe mine is already on a 65 and 85. it seems like yesterday that we were just on the PW and running around the MX track picking them up.
  5. shortyr6

    PW 50 - Headset Bearings?

  6. shortyr6

    Are PW50's really this friggin slow?

    its normal. he said it was new, so it probably still has the exaust washer in there, hence why it wont move. once he removes that, it will respond much better.
  7. shortyr6

    Are PW50's really this friggin slow?

    yup. pull off exhaust and remove restricter from between head and exaust pipe. looks like a washer in there.
  8. shortyr6

    CR80R knocking and no power

    you probably need to start with a clean carb, fresh gas, fresh filter, fresh plug.... chances are the top end will need to be redone and maybe a complete rebuild if the seals are dry rotted.
  9. shortyr6

    PW 50 Oil Pump Priming

    follow the manual, it will help you out. if you want (and it makes you more comfortable), drop a few drops of 2 stroke oil in the spark plug hole and kick it over a few times with that lubing the cyl walls. like the manual says, pull off exhaust (it will be loud). then loosen oil bleed screw to oil pump. you will see air bubbles and oil come out. once you stop seeing any bubbles, tighten screw; its bled. its pretty simple and something you dont have to do often, unless you lost prime in the oil pump.
  10. shortyr6

    Need advice on new bike purchase

    for 7 yrs old, i would be looking for a 65cc bike. if he is smaller, maybe a 50cc (Cobra or KTM) but those require lots of time and money to keep going. A PW50 for a 4 yr old is perfect.
  11. shortyr6

    04 RMZ 250 long term problems/fixes

    got everything back from millennium technologies yesterday. everything looked great. new valve seat, valve guide, new valves, cylinder replated, and everything cleaned up.
  12. shortyr6

    Skip the training wheels!

    training wheels are counter intuitive. check out Kieth Codes twist of the wrist and counter steer. although a concept foreign to someone starting out, it will help them understand if you can break it down to them. we are on a supermoto with my boy now and i am teaching him counter steer and how the bike handles when you push/pull on the bars while leaned over. it will also carry over to mx. I did not start my boys out on training wheels either.
  13. shortyr6

    KTM SX50

    once you get off those 50s you will be a lot happier. i started my boy at 6 on the 65 just to cut my losses on those ktm 50s. M&S is hit and miss. if you get set up with a good local KTM shop and get some rider support you will be able to save money on parts.
  14. shortyr6

    KTM SX50

    are you using OEM parts? i would only use OEM parts, these chinese knock offs will only set you up for disaster. the water pump has a few seals, make sure they are in correctly. the head should have o-rings that seal the head to cylinder. check and make sure these are in the grooves. if the bike is cutting out, check the stator and coil. often as they heat up they will miss more. you may need a new one or of each. the front forks may need new seals and dust boots. the rear you will need to give to an suspension guy to rebuild. honestly, you would be better off selling as parts and getting a 09+ SX50. a much better design and you will save money messing with the clutch. when you buy used, you are buying others used problems. i hope you are able to cut your losses and find a better bike. best of luck either way, i am glad we are off the 50s.
  15. shortyr6


    I dont know what the manual says, but yes....forks collapsed and spring removed.