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  1. OKVet

    MXGP of Qatar - Round 1

    ya think?
  2. OKVet

    MXGP of Qatar - Round 1

    oh, you mean the super secret 1960's technology. I knew AC had an edge, but I always thought it had something to do with his teeth
  3. OKVet

    2015 Atlanta Bench Racing

    I know, and back to back no less. I suppose they were kind of forced to play that shitty hand because of scheduling commitments but I find it hard to believe that the rest of the east coast > 35,000 venues were all scheduled last night or next Saturday.
  4. OKVet

    Reed and canard

    A huge TC fan and think CR is a whiner, but initial TC mistake = racing incident CR reaction by chasing TC and giving a little tap and an elbow = justified TC losing control and going over tuff block = unfortunate result of circumstances Black Flag = Totally ridiculous FIM trying to officiate based on what they assume could happen - never a good idea. Always officiate on what actually took place - PERIOD.
  5. OKVet

    OT: Jon Jones Busted

    Not that I'm a fan of White, but he has hardly ran it into the ground. It's bigger and makes more money than it ever has...just sayin btw - agreed that the fighters don't make squat - at least 99% of them
  6. OKVet

    Cairoli 2014 MXGP

    They did, most recently at Glen Helen. Place was a ghost town and the promoters lost their ass. No US top talent and only a couple of 2nd/3rd tier riders. Not much interest if the AMA boys are not there. Would be cool to see AMA and FIM negotiate a deal to combine a GP with an AMA national. I know the two series dont mesh very well but something could be worked out for a combined event. Top 20 in each series combine for a 40 rider main, second 20 combine for a consolation, qualifying IAW with respective series guidelines...would be awesome and every MX fan (stateside and abroad) would support it. You think Luango would ever negotiate with Coombs, I doubt it...
  7. OKVet

    Rv going to Europe

    Then again maybe not. Do you know the tax rates in Belgium? Corporate tax rates somewhere in the 35% range and maximum personal income rates of 50%. Don't believe he would be moving for the tax savings but you never know.
  8. OKVet

    This why we love Quadtards so much

    Agreed...should have given them wooden bats and no helmets Just to make it more realistic
  9. OKVet

    Where to find in-depth motocross articles?

    Too easy...I think you should challenge yourself more
  10. OKVet

    Where to find in-depth motocross articles?

    But he is entertaining in some crude perverse sense Your mission is to tell us why that is
  11. OKVet

    Where to find in-depth motocross articles?

    No no, we want analysis!!!
  12. OKVet

    Where to find in-depth motocross articles?

    Then go check out http://pingerringer.com Plenty of material in there that just makes most of us shake our heads. Your report is expected back in 2 weeks.
  13. OKVet


    LOL, "I did everything right" except failed to follow the KTM service manual that he bought but couldn't get to work so he just asked guys on the internet. I'd love to see a piece from Rick Sieman (aka Super Hunky) on this Tye character.