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  1. GreenAgain

    April 9th in San Diego County?

    I could be up for Corral Cyn
  2. GreenAgain

    week day riding next week?

    Sorry dude. I've got this Saturday only for riding. May go out around 15 fwy and Cajalco rd, South of Corona.
  3. Amazing eh? And RC was the holeshot king till last weekend.
  4. GreenAgain

    Anyone for Clear Creek this Sat?

    nice pics!
  5. I watched it last night. Now I know that Bubba will fall off before the end of 20 laps on occaision, but the current, and former champs may as well pack it in, and head for the TV commentary booth. Stewart has everyone's number
  6. That's not a bad deal. KatanaPlanet.com is Kana-tuna central, but it's down right now. Skip the GS500- fine for an all-around newbie, but not for a current rider. You'd likely get tired of it in about 10 minutes. A 600 or 750 Katana would be fine. JUst try not to look at it as you're walking up to it
  7. True enough- I live in SoCal, and have been riding an older DR350 kicker. I recently picked up a 99 E-start model for under $ 2000.
  8. A Suzuki DR350 is a pretty bullet-proof bike- air cooled- the same physical size as the DR250. Ones from 94, or 95 and up can have electric starters too- for under $ 2500.
  9. GreenAgain

    Good touring sport bike?

    Yes. Try one. And after you've ridden the rest, try a VFR.
  10. Sounds terrible. Sorry to hear it.
  11. GreenAgain

    Good touring sport bike?

    My legs don't fit in the tank cut-outs.
  12. GreenAgain

    Help me choose gear!

    2 or 3. Easier to hide the future dirt stains
  13. GreenAgain

    Costa Rica here I come!! (Thanks to all)

    Have Fun!
  14. GreenAgain

    james bubba stewart

    Engaged? At his age? With his money? Are his advisors as stoopid as he is?
  15. GreenAgain

    Noob & Gorman

    I rode at Gorman about a year ago- did around 50 miles on a Saturday, and passed 5 other bikes at most.
  16. GreenAgain

    What's a Fair Price?

    Is $ 1500 too much?
  17. GreenAgain

    silverado gate

    Never been past it myself but if you're free on Sunday I'd be up for that ride with you.
  18. GreenAgain

    Good touring sport bike?

    Wow. Lot's of VFR brothers here; I voted with my wallet.
  19. GreenAgain

    A Street Shut Down

    Sad though- When I was riding there in October we were speculating on how long it would take to happen, and nobody thought it would happen this fast.
  20. You mean that you're gonna try the TT store, right
  21. I placed an order on Friday-changed it Saturday, it was shipped on the same Saturday, and I received yesterday- Wednesday. Shipping was $ 7.00 No complaints here.
  22. GreenAgain

    91 dr350s mystery problem

    The problems that you guys are mentioning are typical of any bike that is 12, or 13 years old, not just a DR.
  23. GreenAgain

    Ugliest sticker ever!

    That's Old School. I'll bet that sticker was designed around 1970 Ya young whipper snappers.
  24. GreenAgain

    Brake Rotor Question

    I've come across some front brake rotors for CHEEEP by Titax My bike is used for 95% off-road riding. Do I want the 'regular' front rotor, or a stainless steel one?
  25. GreenAgain

    DMV Dilemma--PLEASE HELP!

    Only if he paid off the loan. If he took her $$, and took off without paying off the loan, I'd say your friend is screwed.