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  1. i dont really get people like you sometimes, you understood what the kid was saying correct ? but yet you still have to be the english teacher on TT..

    How is the kid ever going to learn how to spell properly if nobody mentions his poor spelling?

  2. i have been riding a 96 dr350 off road model for a few months now and this thing is really easy to start hot or cold. i never use the decompression lever. when i read about people having trouble starting them it makes me wonder if my bike has bad compression or something. :applause:

    The tough starting DR350's are the pre 94 models.

  3. The roads are good no major ruts and as for the way in I'm not quite sure of name but it's just past the camp grounds and trailer park on the left hand side. ( coming from San Juan)

    Are you referring to Casper's Park?

  4. Where off Ortega hwy? Is it legitimate or just a way to sneak in? We saw 3 different entrances all closed: the one right by Wildomar, the one at the other end of Killen Rd (across the 74), and the one all the way over at Silverado Canyon which was my first failed attempt early that morning (I had originally planned to take the fire roads all the way over from Irvine to Wildomar to meet up with my buddy).

    How are the roads in the forest? In bad shape from the rains or have they fixed them up some?

    This is my stomping grounds too. I'd like to know.

  5. I ride mine at 70+ on the freeway everyday to work, I've had it up to 90 indicated on the speedo, but that was almost all it had.

    Me too. I have a 99 model, and do that.

    I've ridden a DRZ400 off road, and didn't find it much better feeling than my 350

  6. No but I still look up to them for advice. do you go with anyone here at TT out riding and were you kind of leary the first time.

    I've met, and ridden with many internet "buddies" here on TT, and on other street bike forums.

    People here have one MAIN thing in common. Riding.

  7. I plan to buy a 1998 DR350SE today for $1,600 with 7,500 miles on it. (I was looking on TT for a used one to see what it is going for) Kelly Blue Book value is $1,550 dealer trade in and $2,350 retail.

    That sounds like a deal.

    I paid that for a 99 with more miles.

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