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  1. I started Sat. by calling 20+ dealers in the N. GA, TN area trying to find the best price on a '05 YZ250

    I found the best price at Midsouth and after speaking to the owner Donnie 5-6 times

    I hate to bring up the obvious, but you phoned 20+ dealers to try and save a few hundred bucks??

    Then you called the one place 5 or 6 times??

    Frankly, you sound like a pain in the ass.

  2. I think that any time you have the engine fully heated, and running the oil would burn your hand.

    I rode with a guy with a 435 and he mentioned something about them running quite hot too. I don't think it's out of the ordinary. Original oil coolers are hard to find, but considering that you already have oil lines running around you should be able to rig up one from some other bike if you're really concerned.

  3. I have two DR350's. When I got the 2nd one, it ran like crap and my buddy pulled the carb, and cleaned it. After the cleaning the choke had trouble staying out too. I think maybe the vacuum that pulls on the knob is stronger than the friction to keep it out. Sometimes if it's cold, I'll just hold it with my hand for a bit.

  4. I was there as well and it was like 10 guys all going for the same real estate and Reed got the worst of it. Waaaaahh to him, thats racing, if he doesn't like it then maybe he should take up gardening or something.

    I think Chad Reed was too busy kicking ass to be bothered whining about it.

    He's not my favorite rider, but sure earned A LOT of respect from me that night. Between having to run the semi, and that awesome comeback, he is a winner. :naughty:

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