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  1. Is that a challenge? :D I'm your huckleberry :naughty: .

    Thankfully I don't need a pallbearer yet :naughty:

    A night ride sounds interesting, in dangerous sort of way.

    I live in Irvine, about 30 miles from the mouth of the Ortega hwy, and have been thinking about the trails around there.

  2. If it's still slipping then you may have a clutch issue. There's a washer or something in our DR's that fails and galls and I seem to remember reading that it won't let the plates engage properly. It's a simple fix but I don't remember the details at this point. Some searching or another member with a better memory can fill you in.

    You're thinking of the two thrust washers on either side of the clutch.

    So, new question...... Since I know the motorcycle dealers jack the prices up on pretty much everything they sell, where would be a good place to get oil and filters for my bike? Any particular online stores you guys suggest?

    Why Thumpertalk.com, of course! This really is just a motorcycle parts store cleverly disguised as a motorcycle internet forum!

  3. Just a few pics taken by drJohn during a great day riding.

    Boy I sure love this place :naughty:

    Bryan Bosch, Jeff, and GreenAgain describing the huge air he caught :D


    GreenAgain looking not as happy as he feels


    The obligatory scenery shot- who needs Utah :naughty:


    drJohn posing in front of his least favorite mudhole. Foolishly Jeff had earlier convinced drJohn that he didn't need to carry any tie-downs, or rope with him. :D


  4. seriously?

    I know that some of the 400's are plateable but mine definatly isnt herre cuz of the Alum. frame or so i hear.

    What DMV did ya go to?

    maybe i'll giveit a go before driving to AZ, then again i'd rather not spend a whole day at the dmv for nada!


    You may as well try it here. I can't imagine why an aluminium frame would have anything to do with it.

  5. If you're going to do that much high speed riding you might want to just remove the bill, or brow from the front of the helmet. You might be fighting the wind more because of it.

  6. well i'm not sick of my drz and the gs500 is qucker than it so i think i'll be ok.

    the bikes runs a 13.1 at 106mph in the 1/4 so it's not that slow. i also kind of like how it looks.

    If you like the looks of the GS 500- I'd think that it's only the 04, and 05's that you're saying that about. Trust us. I think the only way you'd get a 13.00 1/4 mile with one is if you threw it out of an airplane.

    The GS500 is a total newbie bike. You will get tired of it quickly.

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